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Issue Number: 296 :: May 2014 Select archived edition


M.E.A.D. is a dark age re-creationist group, a multicultural blending of all things ancient.

I have been living in Upper Coopers Creek Road for a year now and 2 years previously in Clunes.

A need for fitness led me to medieval training. I originally started twice a month with a group in Lismore. I found I needed more time and more training sessions, so over summer I trained 6 people with the help of another local medieval trainer Geoff Anderson, in the fine art of swordsmanship and fighting using traditional weapons. We established M.E.A.D. Mercenary Elite Age of Darkness.

Now with thanks to the Federal Park Committee we will be training on the field Saturdays from 11am onwards, and hoping that the community will become involved in our free training days.

M.E.A.D. is a non profit organisation. Focus is not only on the combat skills required to last hours wearing 2 kilo helmets on your head or 15 kilos of armour, but also aims to have a top field of archers and the whole spectrum of a community.

You don’t have to want to fight to join in; there will be camp outs and free workshops teaching fletching your own real feathered arrows, or bow making, chain mail master along with history nuts and costuming and cultural aspects of a medieval life. Being mercenary also encompasses all cultures from the Celts, Gauls, Early Vikings, Germanic migration period, eastern and barbarian tribes so you get to dress up!

We are also having massive support from the Federal Gallery which will be hosting a medieval themed exhibit in October. The gallery will be exhibiting photography, sculptures, film, jewellery and adornments along with real hand made weapons and armour all made by local enthusiasts. We want to show the community it’s more than a fight club, its about using your imagination and using that to create something unique within the nurturing of community.

Put Saturdays in your calendar to check out Federal park and explore your inner warrior, and mark down October as a time to check out the Gallery for free events and Ancients exhibit.

For further information please contact me, Travis Woods, on 6688 2411 or Geoff Anderson on 6621 2260 for M.E.A.D.

Strength in Honour
Respect for Self and Others
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Guardians of the old ways


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