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Issue Number: 296 :: May 2014 Select archived edition

Eureka School News

VJ 244

Education Week - Leading the way

In celebration of Education Week the students demonstrated how we can lead the way by working together in cooperation and harmony.

Truly a great team effort, students from Kindy to Years 6, supported by teachers and parents, cooked a scrumptious banquet for us all to share, absolutely from scratch. There was delicious homemade gnocchi with tomato sauce; chicken and vegetable stir fry, noodles and yummy fruit balls. The day was beautiful and we were able to enjoy our feast outside in the sunshine. Well done everyone, it was a really enjoyable day encompassing many aspects as well as the science in food and cooking.

The training we received from Leah at the Bangalow Cooking School to implement Kids in the Kitchen as part of our school program has been invaluable and now we have the tools and facilities we can go for it!

Winter is Here

Now that it is definitely here, Kindy and years 1 and 2 have been doing activities and writing about winter. Here is a story from Zephyr.

One cold day I was snowboarding. It was so fun. “Pshhhhhhh!” off I went. I went past so many houses then I started to wobble.

”Aaaaaaaaaaa” I screamed. Before I could open my eyes I went up a mega jump and then I remembered my rocket-powered booster. I turned it on and started to fly home.

Farewell to our Tree

Unfortunately we have had to farewell our beautiful big fig tree as part of it was knocked down in the wind during fierce storms we had recently. We called the tree doctor but he reported that it all has to go. Having been an important part of the school grounds for so many years a lot of people wanted to pay tribute to the big fig. Thanks to all who supported and came for our farewell tree party. It was great that some of the older members of the community joined us too. The good news is that we have a seedling from the original tree that we will plant in the near future.



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