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“R” is for Recognise a con job when you see one.

Written by F Vivian – Excerpt by Michael Anderson.

People in the Northern Rivers are passionate about land rights, human rights and ‘Aboriginal rights’ but before any of you go jumping on the ‘Recognise’ bandwagon I suggest you check out a group of First Nation People titled Sovereign Union  and re-read your history. 

The First Lie. - British colonisation of “Australia” was based on two fundamental lies. One that the land mass was Terra Nullius - ‘no man’s land’ – clearly it wasn’t and secondly that ‘Australia’ as one land mass was only one nation. In fact the land mass was made up of over two hundred or so different Nations, all with different law. So by claiming one area or Nation in Sydney doesn’t mean they claimed all 200 Nations. 


This Psychological Life

The Terrorist Mind

Jung proposed that we all have a ‘shadow’, the dark side of ourselves. It is the hidden self that drives much of human behaviour, out of our conscious attention. He suggested that the more unacceptable our thoughts and feelings to our conscious, the deeper they are hidden. More positive parts of the shadow are more easily accessed. The evil tendencies that we all have are hidden deepest of all. Modern observations of the human brain now point to primitive centres that can drive behaviour if unchecked by parts of our cerebral cortex: the civilised self that is learned. Other psychological research has long exposed the uncomfortable truth that we are all capable of the greatest evil and, indeed, the greatest good. Yes, given the right circumstances, even you.

For relatively unreconstructed Darwinists like me, there is a functionality to the dark side that worked for us when we were still living in the swamp: unconscionable brutality was essential for survival purposes. But, this was not so long ago and the social controls of civilisation are a thin veneer. 


Art in Sharing with Leanne Hamilton

The ‘Spring in Bundjalung Country Aboriginal Arts Exhibition’ at the Byron Bay Community Centre, brought together the talents of Indigenous artists on Arakwal Bumberlin country. This showcase of Indigenous talent is a ‘Seasonal Styles Project’- funded via the hard work of Belle Arnold with the Byron Shire Council. The exhibition allows artists to represent their ‘relationship to country through the changing seasons’ while fostering the networking of Indigenous community engagement and careers-pathway development. 

The artists showing off their talents included Leanne Hamilton, Jason Campbell, sisters Nickolla & Kaitlyn Clark, Dhinawan Baker, Nigel Stewart and Belle Budden. 

“I use my hair to paint with!”


Big Media and Big Pharma - an unholy alliance?

Between 2000 – 2012 James Murdoch, son of media meddler and “King –maker” - Rupert Murdoch sat as a director on the GlaxoSmithKline Board (UKs leading pharmaceutical company). In 2012 around the time of the News of the World phone tapping scandal James Murdock stepped down from this lucrative GSK board position. Curiously though why would a media man in his 30s be employed in such a high profile capacity within the Big Pharma industry and what would the privileged and pampered son of a media tycoon have to offer GlaxoSmithKline? Mmmnn I wonder….

Surely this has to raise questions about the legitimate and illegitimate relationships formed between the ‘power couple’ of corporatized Main Stream Media (MSM) and the big end of town including of course Big Pharma and more importantly the subsequent influence of that alliance on the general public’s attitudes and understanding of the topic and ultimately governmental public policy. 


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The ideal candidate would have:

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