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Adani and Abott vs. The Environment & the People

Village Journal 310


Two weeks ago, the Federal Court overturned the approval of Adani's monstrous Carmichael coal mine. It was a historic victory that reverberated across the country, and was funded by thousands of GetUp members.

The court case was one of only a handful of times in the history of Australian environmental law where the courts have ruled in favour of concerned citizens over a big mining company.

The people beat Adani in court, so now Tony Abbott is trying to change the law.

If Abbott and the coal lobby get their way, only people who live directly next to the mining site will be able to object and concerned citizens like the Mackay Conservation Group, who won this case, will lose their legal rights to ensure our government follows the law.



Recognise Threatened Species Day

Friends of the Koalas #310

Recognise Threatened Species Day


Monday 7 September is national Threatened Species Day, held to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936. Although recent surveys show that Australians are more concerned than ever about our impact on the environment and despite the efforts of so many passionate conservationists the day passes unnoticed by most Australians.



Sea Eagle

WIRES - Latest Info

Sea Eagle


Just after dark last week, an Ocean Shores family heard a loud crack as a branch broke from a nearby Hoop pine. They went outside to investigate just in time to see a huge bird crash into their pool fence and then the side of the house. They were able to grab the bird in a blanket and place it in a large box, before calling WIRES Northern Rivers.

The bird was a magnificent juvenile Sea Eagle, whose family regularly nest in the pine trees.

After spending a few days in care, resting and eating mullet, the eagle received a physical examination and eye check by veterinarian Phil from the Casino Vet Clinic. She was given the all clear and taken back to Ocean Shores for release.

The sea eagle parents were observed that morning, so the bird family was happily reunited.

WIRES is a registered charity, not a govern- ment service, and relies heavily on donations from the general public. Your all-volunteer Northern Rivers branch needs various types of assistance -- as not all members do animal rescues. Call the local 24-hour hotline on 6628 1898 or go to ing.html to find out how you can help. 

North Coast Environment Council and NEFA

The Department Of Planning and Environment (DoPE) are proposing on getting rid of the North Coast Regional Environmental Plan (1988), apparently because it requires a variety of environmental values to be protected in environmental zones in Local Environmental Plans.  This is part of their plan to stop far north coast Councils from implementing their environment zones. It would be great if some others made submissions.  

Submissions due 09/07/2015 but can still be made online at


You just need to say you object to the repeal of the North Coast Regional Environmental Plan.

Vote of No Confidence in EPA

Harm to environment from logging under EPA. By D. Pugh

The EPA are proposing a major intensification of logging of our publicly owned native forests.

A vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been carried by the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) following revelations that the EPA propose to approve widespread clear-felling of public forests in north-east NSW, reduce protection of headwater streams, and remove the need to protect habitat for many Threatened species, including the Koala.


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