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Spring into Spring

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Spring into Spring

As we approach spring the elements draw us out into nature more. Blossoming flowers, warmer weather and new growth in our environment stirs the creative juices within us too. Spring is a great time to cleanse and lighten up. This season supports us to more easily move some of the heavier elements which have accumulated during winter. For many people this time of year can mean the melting of toxins and symptoms of “running mucous” appear, like hayfever or sneezing and runny noses, so cleansing is essential.

There are some simple Ayurvedic seasonal suggestions which can support us in cleansing and lightening up at this time. Try the ones which seem easy and notice the effect on body, mind and spirit.


Elements of Health

Mullum Herbals

Most traditional approaches to health and well-being, including Ayurvedic medicine, are based on the 5 elements. Understanding the balance of these elements within us can be empowering, allowing us the opportunity to soothe uncomfortable symptoms before they progress into disease. As an experienced naturopath and herbalist I love this common sense approach to well-being. When we have an actual disease, depletion or acute illness, herbs and supplements can help us to regain health (eg. Andrographis for the flu). However, sometimes the best medicine is simply “chilling out”, especially if we have hot type symptoms. At other times we may need to warm up or stimulate using foods and lifestyle choices, for example when we are cold, stagnating, putting on weight or slightly depressed.


Talking pH

Traditional Medicinals

There's pH and there's pH

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding acidic and alkaline foods. What's alkaline and what's acidic? During the mid 90's a couple of German scientists conducted research that would help clarify this debate.pH testing is used to measure your overall acid/alkaline balance and means "potential of hydrogen". Ranging from 0 to 14 with 7 being considered neutral. There's pH and there's pH. Firstly the body's blood pH is a tightly regulated buffering processes controlled by the lungs and kidneys (pH7.37 -pH7.43). Even the slightest variations can result in catastrophic results, so the body will work hard to buffer the blood at all costs.


The Journey- A guided meditation to heal your mind body and soul


The Journey is a guided meditation technique which allows you to access memories stored in the cells of the body. These memories when accessed can lead to the body healing itself naturally in a spontaneous manner.  Developed by Brandon Bays, who healed herself  from a foot-ball sized tumour in only 6 1/2 weeks without any drugs or surgery.

What’s all the fuss about folate?

What’s all the fuss about folate?

Folate (B9) is the generic term for a group of structurally related b-vitamins. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate,and is used in supplements and food fortification. Human exposure to folic acid did not occur until its chemical synthesis in 1943. Folate refers to the various natural tetrahydrafolate (THF) derivatives occurring in food. When absorbed, folate enters the circulation and is distributed to various tissues throughout the body whilst 50% of our folate is stored in the liver. Folate plays a vital role in gene (DNA/RNA) synthesis, the metabolism of B12, and prevention of neural tube defects in babies. Folate is also essential for functioning of the central nervous system and immune system.  


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