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I can feel it in my bones!

Advertorial - Traditional Medicinals

I can feel it in my bones!

Both men and women are susceptible to osteoporosis, kilo for kilo our bones are stronger than concrete. Our bones are alive and are reshaped and rebuilt daily according to the mechanical stress, and biochemistry of the body. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones lose strength and density and become brittle. ½ a gram of calcium is absorbed into, or released from our skeleton daily. We need a positive balance of calcium daily to maintain a healthy bone bank. Calcium will diminish from the body if our daily supply of calcium and other cofactors required for calcium absorption, are inadequate.



Traditional Medicinals

It’s physically and psychologically challenging and can have many contributing factors, but fatigue can be broken down to four main causes:

  1. Anaemia
  2. Adrenal exhaustion
  3. Thyroid abnormalities, and
  4. Mitochondrial dysfunction 

Anaemic fatigue results from a deficiency in iron, folate or vitamin B12. It’s caused either by inadequate dietary intake, malabsorption or can be an inherited condition. Iron deficient can be detected with blood tests and can often be rectified by iron supplementation.

Sleeping Difficulties

Traditional Medicinals


Most of us have struggled with difficult sleeping at some point in our lives, yet many of us probably don’t understand the full impact of poor sleep quality on other areas of our health. During the day our sympathetic nervous system is busy rising to the challenges of a stress- ful job or busy family, and while we sleep our parasympathetic nervous system is able to regulate hormones, stimulate immunity and fully assimilate nutrients. Insomnia interferes with these critical processes, which can lead to hormone imbalances, compromised immunity and even thyroid problems. We are usually left feeling run down and over whelmed.


Medical Cannabis – beyond debate.

Medical Cannabis – beyond debate.


Medical marijuana aka cannabis. Mike Baird supports it, Dan Haslam died waiting for it, and too many sick people and parents of sick children are risking imprisonment to obtain it.

In November 2012, the NSW Government inquiry into medical marijuana was estab- lished. After receiving 123 public submissions and holding 2 public hearings, The Legislative Council Committee handed down its final report titled ‘The use of cannabis for medici- nal purposes’, in May 2013. The final report states:



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