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The mouldy season: perfect for using Lemon Myrtle #242

Better Health, Naturally

The recent warm and humid weather has created ideal conditions for the growth of fungi and moulds. Having grown up in a dry and cold climate, I cannot believe how they thrive in these damp conditions. Leather products, including belts and shoes; clothes and walls are easily affected in this weather, and can contribute to allergies. Additionally, our bodies may be more susceptible to fungal infections.

Thank goodness for plants with antifungal and antimicrobial properties! These include herbs such as pao d’arco, golden seal, calendula and thyme. Some essential oils are also powerful antifungal agents, for example oil of cloves, thyme, oregano, and even patchouli and lavender. Australia has some of the world’s best anti-fungal plants, namely tea tree and my favourite, lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora). This tree is native to the sub-tropical and tropical rainforest region of the Northern Rivers and Queensland and grows to a height of 6-14 metres. It is a stunning plant with dense foliage, lemon-scented shiny green leaves, and it has an abundance of little white flowers in summer. Much of the commercial crop is grown in the Northern Rivers. The smell and antifungal activity is due to the essential oil citral. Lemon myrtle is very versatile, and can be used in cosmetics, cooking and of course medicinally. Crush up the leaves to use as a mosquito repellent.

Research has demonstrated antimicrobial activity of lemon myrtle oil against a number of organisms, including Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and mulluscum contagiosum. Never take the oil internally, and do not apply undiluted to the skin as it is a strong irritant - use it at maximum of 1-2% dilution. Lemon myrtle oil can be bought in most health food shops and pharmacies. To clean your house, add a few drops of essential oil in water in a spray bottle, and shake well before spraying. Alternatively, you can add solubaliser, which mixes the water and oil. Use it to clean floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens. Add the oil (1-2% maximum) to a moisturizer and apply to your skin, either as a general moisturizer or to treat fungal infections such as tinea. I have used lemon myrtle oil successfully for recurring outer ear infections – add 15 drops to 25 mls of olive or mullein oil, and apply three drops in ear 3-4 times daily (please consult your GP first if you have a sore ear). This amazing plant is so versatile; we should all have one in our home. Commercial varieties only grow 4-6 metres tall, some you can grow in pots - go and plant a lemon myrtle tree this week!

Martina Pattinson, Naturopath
ph 0427 025051

BioChemic Cell Salts Pt 2 #250


The following ‘cell salts’ can be used to balance any deficiencies in the individual cells of the body. Diseases that afflict us are due to a lack of one or more of these inorganic ‘workers’ in our systems and each one of the twelve ‘salts’, of which the human body is built up, has its own sphere of function and curative action to maintain and restore health. This is taken from ‘The Biochemic Handbook’ by J.B. Chapman and Edward Perry.

FERR. PHOS. (Iron Phosphate) – the oxygen carrier, furnishing the bloodstream with vital life force. It gives strength and toughness to the walls of blood vessels, especially arteries. For congestion, inflammatory pain, high temperature, quickened pulse. Also for anaemia and as a first-aid for haemorrages (apply powdered Ferr. Phos. to bleeding wounds). Also for muscular strains, sprains etc.

KALI MUR. (Potassium Chloride) – remedy for sluggish conditions and thick, white discharges and catarrhs. Also for liver torpidity and, in alternation with Ferr. Phos. for coughs, colds, sore throats, tonsillitis, bronchitis etc. For children’s ailments like measles, chicken pox, mumps and croup. Important in the early stages of digestion, symptoms worse after fatty or rich foods, or no appetite. Useful as a first-aid in the treatment of burns.

KALI PHOS. (Potassium Phosphate) – a nerve nutrient – good for school children, to maintain a happy, contented disposition, sharpening the mental faculties. For ‘tantrums’, ‘nerves’, nervous headaches, sleeplessness, depression, grumpiness or ‘lack of pep’. For shingles, nervous asthma - symptoms worse from mental, physical exertion and cold.

KALI SULPH. (Potassium Sulphate) – works with Ferr Phos as an oxygen-carrier. It has a beneficial effect on respiration and when there is a feeling of ‘stuffiness’. For sticky, yellowish discharges and eruptions on the skin and scalp, with scaling. For chilliness and shifting, fleeting pains – useful for intestinal disorders, stomach catarrh. Worse in the evening, in stuffy atmospheres, better in the fresh air.

MAG. PHOS. (Magnesium Phosphate) - the anti-spasmodic tissue-salt. Quick to relieve pain, especially cramping, shooting, darting or spasmodic pains. For nerve pains e.g. neuritis. sciatica & headaches accompanied by darting pains. For muscular twitching, cramps, hiccups, convulsive fits of coughing & for menstrual pains. For stomach cramps & flatulence.

NAT. MUR (Sodium Chloride) - the water-distributing tissue-salt. Excessive moisture or excessive dryness in any part of the system shows Nat. Mur deficiency. For low spirits, pallor of the skin, difficult stools, with soreness of the anus, colds with watery discharge & sneezing, dry, painful nose and throat, heartburn, watery eyes, hay fever, drowsiness, hang-nails, after-effects of alcoholic stimulants.

NAT. PHOS. (Sodium Phosphate) - an acid neutralizer ,and for the proper functioning of the digestive organs. For the assimilation of fats & other nutrients - a deficiency of Nat. Phos. allows uric acid to be deposited around joints & tissues, leading to stiffness & swelling & rheumatic symptoms. For pain after eating, highly coloured urine, a creamy coating at the root of the tongue, worms, nervous irritability and sleeplessness caused by indigestion (keep handy by the bedside).

NAT. SULPH. (Sodium Sulphate) – regulates the density of the fluids bathing our tissue-cells by eliminating excess water. Largely controlling the healthy functioning of the liver and ensuring an adequate supply of bile for the later stages of digestion. Nat. Sulph. also removes poison-charged fluids from the blood and tissues, thus aiding rheumatic ailments. Also indicated for ailments affecting the liver e.g. biliousness and it is the principle remedy in the treatment of influenza, humid asthma, malaria and other conditions associated with humidity, dispelling that languid feeling experienced during humid, oppressive weather.

SILICA (Silicic Oxide) – a cleanser and eliminator, throwing off non-functional organic matter and breaking up pathological accumulations e.g. abscesses, boils, styes etc. Silica is a constituent of hair, nails and surfaces of the bones and acts as an insulator for the nerves. For offensive perspiration of the feet and arm-pits. Useful in the treatment of tonsillitis and for brittle or crippled nails, and as a supplementary remedy in cases of dyspepsia and pains in the region of the stomach – usually worse at night and morning and relieved by the application of heat.

Complied by Lydia Kindred

Previously printed in the VJ during 1997.

Tissue Salts are available from chemists and health food stores.


Join the Lismore Women’s Health Centre’s Council of Women! #241

What it involves is meeting once a month in Lismore to discuss the Women’s Health Centre and support the manager. It involves passing policies and exploring networking in the community, and basically being a part of the process in making the Women’s Health Centre an effective and successful organisation. It is also about promoting women’s health and feminist philosophy in the community.

All women are invited to become members - we all bring our unique and valuable experience to the council....even if you don’t know much about feminism or boards for that matter!

If you think you could commit to about 2 hours (5.30pm - 7.30pm) once a month and maybe some extra bits of time here and there to helping with fundraising and other creative projects, please contact Karuna (the centre’s manager) for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call her on 6621 9800.

Thanks, and please pass onto any other women you know who may be interested.

Alice Robertson


BioChemic Cell Salts Pt. 1 #249



The following ‘ cell salts’ can be used to balance any deficiencies in the individual cells of the body. Diseases that afflict us are due to a lack of one or more of these inorganic ‘workers’ in our systems and each one of the twelve ‘salts’, of which the human body is built up, has its own sphere of function and curative action to maintain and restore health. This is taken from ‘The Biochemic Handbook’ by J.B. Chapman and Edward Perry.


CALC. FLUOR. (Calcium Fluoride) - gives to the tissues the quality of elasticity, and symptoms are traceable to a relaxed condition - of veins & arteries; piles, sluggish circulation, a tendency to cracks in the skin. Also for diseases affecting the surface of the bones and joints and when teeth become loose in their sockets and decay rapidly. For muscular weakness and bearing-down pains due to impairment of muscular tissue and supporting membranes.

CALC. PHOS, (Calcium Phosphate) - the tissue-salt concerned with nutrition, promoting healthy cellular activity & restoring tone to weakened organs & tissues. Without Calc. Phos there could be no blood coagulation and this is the remedy for periods of convalescence, speeding recovery & replenishing the body’s reserves of strength. It assists digestion & assimilation & helps the building up of a sturdy robust constitution. For blood poverty and circulation, also the anaemic states often seen in young girls, for creeping sensations of the skin and numbness and coldness of the limbs.

CALC. SULPH. (Calcium Sulphate) – a blood purifier and healer – removes waste products from the blood and tissues and promotes discharge of decaying organic matter in the system. For pimples, catarrh and abscesses and wounds which will not heal readily. If taken in the early stage will prevent a sore throat from developing and will often cut short a threatening cold.

Hypnotherapy – gaining empowerment #241

Hypnotherapy combines breathing, deep relaxation, mind focusing, creative imagery, verbal affirmations and self suggestion. A relaxed concentration is induced that bypasses the usual evaluative mind, allowing a ‘let go’ of the protective defenses we carry, from our physical body to our mental and emotional bodies. The ‘flight-fight’ responses of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are turned off. This allows us to be open to trust our innate knowledge concerning underlying matters, such as the origins of, and the nature of our behaviours, beliefs, phobias and addictions.

As we become aware of the issues – or pain, we can release and ‘reframe’, and so evolve to our optimal way of being. Hypnotherapy is client focused, client directed and paced. Critical thinking is always present but ‘bracketed out’ rather than acted on, and at any time a client can choose to leave the hypnotic state. At the beginning of a session a simple gesture system is set up between the client and the therapist to indicate comfort levels, yes/no responses and the desire to end the session. Breathing rhythm and depth, and muscle holding are monitored by therapist observation and adjustments, if necessary, are suggested for optimal results. Hypnosis includes the practice of self hypnosis and is based on pure physiology whilst also a step into spiritual healing.

Hypno-Anaesthesia is an aspect of hypnotherapy. Its goal is to release pain permanently and to learn self healing techniques which provide pain relief and management. The techniques can also be used in dental, medical and birthing situations, to manage pain and the fear response associated with these. As the body enters deep relaxation – the hypnotic state, suggestions/ statements/ affirmations which have been devised by the client, are given. These suggestions can be given pre, during and post session. In the hypnotic state muscle tension is reduced, hence anaesthetic is more effective, resulting in less anaesthetic necessary, quicker recovery and less possible after effects. Hypno-anaesthesia is initially complementary rather than alternative.

Soul Life Regressions or Past Life Experiences often occur as a natural extension of hypnotherapy, and again the client can choose to explore or not. Why explore past lives? From here we can gain insight of the why and who we are now and our patterns of being, belief systems, behaviours, reactions, as well as what brings us joy and fulfillment. We can gain clarity of our life purpose or soul contract, lessons and challenges, and therefore an understanding of why we have attracted people, including our children, families and situations into our current life. We can then begin to view ourselves and what comes to us with more compassion and ‘flow’ with grace and gratitude through our experiences.

Valerie Albrecht


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