Spring into Spring

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Spring into Spring

As we approach spring the elements draw us out into nature more. Blossoming flowers, warmer weather and new growth in our environment stirs the creative juices within us too. Spring is a great time to cleanse and lighten up. This season supports us to more easily move some of the heavier elements which have accumulated during winter. For many people this time of year can mean the melting of toxins and symptoms of “running mucous” appear, like hayfever or sneezing and runny noses, so cleansing is essential.

There are some simple Ayurvedic seasonal suggestions which can support us in cleansing and lightening up at this time. Try the ones which seem easy and notice the effect on body, mind and spirit.


Avoid foods like bread, cheese, butter, cream, bananas, peanut butter, cold drinks and potato crisps. (All these foods have Kapha accumulating qualities of coldness, dampness and heaviness. Based on the principle of "Like increases Like," they will cause Kapha and mucous to accumulate in the body)

Add cardamom, fresh ginger, cinnamon and/or nutmeg to your foods or drinks. (They will gently cleanse and move sluggishness - especially from your lymphatic system)

Add turmeric to your cooking. (This helps minimise the accumulation of toxins in the body due to its antiseptic quality – but don’t use it raw)

Try Nasya - where you put 2-3 drops of warm black sesame oil (or Nasya oil) in each nostril. (This is a great remedy for hay fever, chronic migraine and sinus congestion)

Sip plain Hot water at least a few times daily. This easily moves congestion and will help shed those extra grams we may have put on through winter!

Start to move more – get out in the garden or get back into your favourite form of exercise.

Try Self Oiling/Massaging with warm black sesame oil. (This will help counter the sluggishness too, and it’s very nourishing and healing)

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