The Journey- A guided meditation to heal your mind body and soul


The Journey is a guided meditation technique which allows you to access memories stored in the cells of the body. These memories when accessed can lead to the body healing itself naturally in a spontaneous manner.  Developed by Brandon Bays, who healed herself  from a foot-ball sized tumour in only 6 1/2 weeks without any drugs or surgery.

The Journey- cont...

As a DNA-cell biologist my work involved looking at how physical exposure to mutagenic agents (toxic chemicals in food and our environment) can damage cell DNA and thus lead to cancer. However, I always felt that this wasn't the whole picture and that there was also an emotional component to illnesses such as cancer. 

When I began attending Brandon Bays's workshops and training as a Journey Practitioner, I discovered how not feeling emotions can cause our cell receptors to shut down. In the past the way some or most of us were brought up was to ignore how we felt and to just soldier on. To not show or feel our emotions was considered a strength and the normal thing to do. However we are now discovering that this can lead to a whole host of illness and disease from cancer, anxiety, anger, grief, addictions, aches and pains, low self esteem as well as depression. When we feel our emotions and forgive our cell receptors open, our body is thus able to spontaneously facilitate its own healing process. Feeling our emotions is thus our doorway to health and healing.

The Journey for Kids

The Journey can also be used to help children aged 5-12 years. Each one of our children are born as radiant beings with boundless potential. However through the course of life's pains and trials this radiance gets masked and shut down by unresolved hurt. The Journey for kids is a fun-guided meditation process that can allow children to heal from physical and emotional challenges.


Written by Dr Tamara Justus (PhD), owner of Byron Health and Healing in Federal is also the author of a new children’s book, “Journey with the Rainbow Dolphins.” A fun-filled adventure for kids 0-9years. This book allows children to realise the positive potential that lies within and can be used as a tool to allow children to express their emotions giving rise to healing.

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