Local Women in Business

Innovation seems to be the buzzword at the moment and the Northern Rivers Rainbow Region is brimming with individuals bringing great new ideas and energy to life. 

Here at the VJ we love to promote local entrepreneurs, new businesses and inspirational women and this month we will be profiling two local women who are starting up their own businesses. 


In this edition we feature Flick Durham’s gorgeous new product - Guidance Cards for Kids and Melinda Turner who is opening her store Shoes on Magellan this month.

Name - Felicity Durham

Age - 30

Describe your life in one paragraph

I left Melbourne in 2006 and met my current partner Simon on Great Keppel Island and we later moved to the Gold Coast. Eventually we found our way down to the Northern Rivers in 2008. Being surrounded in this more environmentally and socially aware area led me to question what it is I can do to build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

What motivated you to design and create the Guidance Cards 4 Kids?

It was early in 2015 when I was inspired by a dear friend to help children effectively communicate their emotions and gain a deeper connection with animals and nature. My friend, Vanessa, created dolphin shaped cards with words on them as a communication tool for her son about 15 years prior. She told me a story of the first time she used the cards with her son, and a conversation was generated that helped him reveal and release a deep hurt. I was so inspired after hearing this story, so many ideas just kept coming up. I immediately got to work creating a matrix of positive words and matching them to the symbology of animal guides and matching the words and animals to the vibrations of colours which are associated with the chakra system. 

To help assist parents in the explanation of the words, we created short, kid-friendly (kidlish) affirmations which can also be used in 


What is the best advice anyone gave you about going into business?

Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

It’s not the easiest thing to find your passion and make a living out of it, but you never know when inspiration is going to strike! 

Have you ever felt like quitting?

I haven’t felt like quitting Guidance Cards as I am very passionate about this product and have a lot of faith that it will be well received. There is no other product like it available on the market. I feel so strongly about the environment and children’s mental health that my desire to help them reconnect to their environment and people is stronger than any desire to quit and find something else to do. 

Where do you hope your business to be in 3 years’ time? 


It would be my dream to travel the world and bring Guidance Cards for Kids into the international consumer market. I would love to work with HayHouse Publishing and attend and possibly speak at their conferences. It’s a big dream, but even the tallest tree in the world sprouted from a single seed. 

Introducing Shoes on Magellan by Melinda Turner

When I have an idea - I just go for it! Many times getting burnt! Now that I am in my forties, I feel I've lived and learnt and am hopefully making a good business decision this time!  Plenty of planning and crunching of the numbers. The local NEISS program- the new small business enterprise helped me in the past with a good blue print business plan.

 I use to design fashion and was so close to selling 1000 pieces to my favourite clothes shop at the time; dotti, I took the order and went to India to have my beautiful garments made but the cut was out by an inch on the fittings so they cancelled the order. I was crushed but took my positive self and my beautiful dresses, up north to Byron for the markets and I loved it here! Then I followed the season up to Cairns. I was left with really small sizes. So off I went to Japan! I had to go where the market was and I sold them all! Then I came back to Byron to call it home. 

Sometime I say mistakes are worth making as long as I learn from them; note to self “only make them once!"

This time I am opening up a shoe shop in Lismore on Magellan Street and on the corner of Dawson called; Shoes on Magellan. My dad use to make shoes he said it was hard and laborious work. My collection are mostly coming from Spain and so they are so comfortable and stylish. 

Shoes on Magellan is a family affair, and I am staffing the shop with my lovely daughter and her boyfriend.

We are serving teas and coffee at Shoes on Magellan; creating a relaxed and social atmosphere where you can come with your friends and choose the perfect shoe for your occasion. 


Hope to see you in the shop, to make u a cuppa and fit your foot with the perfect shoe.

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