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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

During November, Rosebank students in Years 3 to 6 spread their wings to experience education in the great outdoors, as they ventured off on our annual school camps. Years 5 and 6 students headed North to Queensland, where they participated in an Adventure Camp. Years 3 and 4 students stayed a little closer to home, at Camp Koinonia at Evans Head. Both camps were very special times of togetherness and fun. 

Seniors enjoyed Abseiling, High Ropes, Campfire and Bushcraft activities, Drumming, River Rafting, Archery...and more. The Years 3 and 4 students, not to be outdone in the Adventure stakes, took on their own Vertical Challenge and donned harnesses to go Swinging in the Chapel. When we returned to school, we raced to file copy on time to meet the publication deadline for own Camp Chronicle. Today, we share with you just a one of the fabulous reports filed by our intrepid reporters.


Gypsy Hunter: Challenge Rider 

Last week, Rosebank and Bexhill Public Schools went to Camp Maranatha on the Sunshine Coast. One of the activities we did was THE LEAP OF FAITH, which was probably one of the scariest things I have EVER done. We had to climb up a ladder that was 7m high that led to an itty-bitty platform. We wore a helmet and were attached to a full body harness that had the rope attached behind us, so it felt like we were free falling. 

My turn was next...I was feeling pretty confident, but that was when I was on the ground. I was climbing up the ladder whiles everyone was shouting, “Don’t look down!” but instead of listening, I looked down in fear, feeling like I was 10 000m off the ground. 

When I got up to the top, my heart was racing, my legs were bucking under the weight of my fear, my palms were sweating and my voice was trembling in fear. I was so SCARED that I wanted to climb down and never see that thing again, but they don’t call me a daredevil for nothing. We were told to bunny-hop off the edge so that was what I did (somehow). I took three deep breaths whiles my team was counting me down.  3,2,1! I jumped and with a sigh of relief realised that I could do anything. I just had to believe in myself.        

As the year draws to a close, Rosebank students are preparing for some special events -  important traditions within our school community. It is almost time to farewell our Year 6 students, Aimee, Andrès, Ashley, Bridie, Dash, Gabe, Lana, Mollie and Torin. Most of these children have been at our school since they were tots. We send them on their way with a Formal Graduation Dinner, a special Presentation Ceremony and our love and best wishes for bright, shiny futures.

Abigail Sawyer



Proud Principal: Rosebank Preschool

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