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This Psychological Life

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My slight obsession with riding a bike for fitness has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I get to wear lycra. What’s more, my shorts are basic black and not the multicoloured display that certain politicians, for example, seem to prefer in what is clearly a part of a mating ritual. Cycling is certainly easier on the joints and you get to see more of the world than when jogging: that is if you’re not gasping too much for breath to take any notice. Did you ever see a smiling jogger? But I digress.

A couple of days ago I was taking a more leisurely ride along a joint cycle and pedestrian track at Hervey Bay. Intuitively you’d think that this concept makes sense: in actual fact it turned out that it would be safer for either party to mix it with the Queensland traffic on the road, rather than on this shared deathtrap. As I approached walkers and joggers I dutifully rang my bell to let them know that the Lycra Lad was near. Mostly it worked. But then there were those who not only didn’t move but did crazy things like veer across me forcing some evasive action or a testing of the brakes. My reflexes are not what they used to be and it was lucky that we didn’t have a pile up and a section on the front page of the local paper.



This Psychological Life

Snouts in the Trough

Choppergate, featuring the most partisan speaker of the House of Reps that we have ever had, Bronwyn Bishop, has whipped up a frenzy on social media: a veritable typhoon of indignation. This, despite the fact that we have become highly desensitised to the disingenuous behaviour, nay antics, of our politicians: it has certainly crossed the invisible honesty-dishonesty line.

Desensitisation is a psychological technique used to treat people with anxiety and, notably, phobias. The idea is that graded exposure to the fear coupled with relaxation reduces the anxiety. It is a very effective treatment. But we can become unwittingly desensitised to all sorts of other things too such as the behaviour of our politicians, our leaders. So, when the new LNP Government made a national sport of breaking election promises the reaction was no more emphatic than a leaf crashing to the earth. Another example is the way the daily nonsense dished out by the media is taken for granted and we keep sucking it in without question, even though we know it is flawed. Makes you wonder what it will take for the majority, rather than excited minorities, to become sensitised again and say that ‘enough is enough’


It’s a Psychological Life

Love Slobs and Pestilence

Last week I received one of those sickly PowerPoint presentations on Facebook. These things used to come via email but social media has overtaken that, now ancient, way of communicating. I can hardly keep up with the latest social media craze. Just when I’m on top of one and sit back with a big satisfied sigh it seems I am out of date already.  In any case, you know the presentations I mean. They’re full of truisms and motherhood statements, written over the top of very moving photos and backed by some inspiring funeral music. Then you get told to pass it on to seven friends or your house will be invaded by giant moths. Or, even worse, you’ll be forced to spend eternity watching endless replays of ‘Friends’.


Locabiber - #308

Locabiber - #308

Witches Falls, Mount Tambourine, source grapes from the Granite Belt. They have at least two levels of wine: co-inoculated ('two complimentary strains of yeast' added) and the more premium/expensive totally wild ferment. Wild fermented wines, I think, produce better flavour: more intense and distinct. Withes Falls even produce the wines in varying bottles: slimmer ones for the former, and fuller/fatter for the latter. Witches Falls has a striking and elegant label: an abstract w and f done in flowing black brush stroke, against a white label, to look like a witch in full flight on her broomstick. Wine notes are printed vertically on the side of the label, making you read them attentively. Jon Heslop is the talented lead winemaker who is supported by an assistant, Abbey Nicholas: and isn't it good to see women 'coming of age' in this industry! The winery is characterised, for me, by excellent, almost faultless marketing and customer service. 


A visitor’s perspective of Rosebank and its surrounds by Gail Hart.

A visitor’s perspective of Rosebank and its surrounds by Gail Hart.

This has been our first visit to the Rosebank area and I have to say that it really has been a delightful experience.  Our most striking memories will (apart from the pleasure of spending time with our lovely family in the most beautiful setting) be that of the warmth and friendship we have encountered in all those we have met. The community at large have been so welcoming and engaging; happy to share their knowledge and love of the area.

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