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This Psychological Life #307

Village Journal #307

Don’t you just hate it when someone comes up with a quote that you wish you’d woken up with in the middle of the night spinning around in your head? Apparently, according to psychological research, it’s when we are unguarded, when our brains are empty that we come up with good ideas, or Ah, Ah moments. They sneak up on you when you’re not looking.


Locabiber #307

Village Journal #307

Locabiber #307

I know that talking about wine is a 'first-world' issue, but what if you think of wine as art? James Halliday, the respected Australian wine critic, has posed the question: is winemaking an art? His answer—‘most would say so’—is guarded but gratifying for those who think it is. The creation of art is one of the markers of humanity, and art has a capacity for transformation. For example, the American Marxist academic, Eric Olin Wright, has said that the arts can present a sense of the aesthetics of alternatives and prefigure those alternatives through practices which embody them.

My most recent wine discovery is a very drinkable pinot noir at around $16. It's difficult to get a good pinot noir cheaply – but here it is: 2013 Mad Fish Western Australia Pinot Noir. Trust me, if you can, it's a drinkable pinot, and (relatively) cheap. The grapes are produced by Burch Family Wines from the cool climate Great Southern region of WA (pinot noir is traditionally produced in the cold), which equals the 'Porongurup ranges ... a small sub-region of cool climate elevated vineyards. The winters … are bitterly cold and the soils are extremely ancient … producing low yielding vines'. The colour is that clear red you'd recognise as pinot, with cherry and nuts in the perfume and honey and jam on the palate. 

Further, with the coming-on of winter, and for those of us without disposable income, I'd like to also remind you of Upside Down Marlborough Merlot, the best one I've drunk (a scary, absolutist statement, if I've ever written one!), especially because it lacks a 'dusty' palate – for only around $12!

A comrade-in-arms recently gifted us a 2010 Hunter Valley Brokenwood Mistress Block vineyard Shiraz. Its 'heaviness' as a bottle is in sync with its 'weightiness' as a shiraz. I am always on the lookout for 'smooth'. And although this has no aroma to speak of (Unless it is hay! And I love the smell of hay.), all is forgiven. But perhaps, on a revisit, there is a forceful fluttering of vanilla in aroma and on the palate. A faultless ruby colour with a slip-down palate. I can tell you: a red that you don't think about (in winter) as it falls effortlessly down the throat. My god: the definition of a gift. One could die and think: ok, all is good. 


Moya Costello



The Psychological Life


Last week I had coffee with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. Later, my better half showered me with questions about what he and his wife had been up to. I felt like I was fronting the Senate Estimates Committee as I stuttered, sweated and looked increas- ingly confused about the illness she had last year, the status of the grandchildren and her mother. I had no answers. Blank looks, shrugs and ‘Don’t know’, were my replies. My beloved eventually gave up and walked away shaking her head. I was knocked out in the first round of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ without even the option of phoning a friend, although he wouldn’t have been able to tell me the answers either.



Are you interested in Cake Decorating?

Are you interested in Cake Decorating?


The Far North Coast Branch of the Cake Decorators’ Guild of NSW is inviting anyone interested in the art of cake decorating or sugar craft to contact us.

The Club commenced in 1982 when seven ladies attended the Lismore Tech to learn cake decorating. In 1984 they joined the Cake Decorators Association of NSW, utilising the hall at the South Lismore Primary School for monthly meetings and information days. The use of the hall continues today.


Locabiber #306

Locabiber #306


I discovered a great Chardonnay recently for a very cheap price – but with limited avail- ability under strange circumstances: the remainders of a 2014 McLaren Vale (South Australia) Chardonnay from Dowie Doole, exported by Tilley's Wines to the USA. It's a shame, because all of its features are attractive: in colour, a classic gold, but with the slightest of slightest pink tinges; the smell and palate intriguing, with fairy-floss, pine-lemon-lime in the former redolent of a sweet heaven, and a fantastical/whimsical edge on the latter of a high lemon-snow cliff-face, or peach.



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