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The Rainforest Way Project

A small group of locals from Rosebank have begun planting rainforest trees along our roadside from Corndale to the forest, creating future corridors of habitat for our birdlife, education and boost tourism in our regional area.

 We are planning a market stall at the environment centre/transit centre on Thursday the 3rd and Friday 4th Dec and hopefully the car boot market on Sunday 6th Dec to recruit helpers or collect tree sponsorship and raise awareness of our fantastic rainforest way tree planting project.


Melinda Turner and the team.

The Rosebank Store Weekend Cafe

The team at The Rosebank Store Weekend Cafe are pleased to announce their business is now well off the ground. Operating since July this year whereby we have seen the business grow. Keeping the menu fresh (using a lot of local and organic ingredients) and interesting has claimed it a regular clientele. The coffee is a limited roast from Nerang Qld, strong with chocolate overtones. We cater for dietary requirements, gluten free etc.

So far in operation the store has hosted a guest chef soirée, music events, cheese making workshops and the like.

Adjacent to The Rosebank Store is The E. Fox Gallery, a contemporary art gallery now occupying the Caldera group show.

Come in for a coffee? A caramelised onion local beef sausage roll ($5) with a tamarind relish, a delicious organic salad, biodynamic eggs, or The Stores now signature white chocolate baked cheesecake (all cakes $6, served with fresh whipped cream).

We believe in country hospitality, fresh produce and reasonable pricing.

Come for a visit to experience yourself.

Open 8-3 Saturdays and Sundays.



Anna, Kieran and the Rosebank Team

Where is Wendy Gray?

Hi. My name is Jasmine Gray. I am e-mailing as a bit of long a shot and maybe your news paper can help me. 

I am trying to find my father’s birth mother. Not out of disrespect to my now grandfather but more to know where my family comes from and our history; I also hope to learn a little more about her life as well. 

His mother just passed away, Wendy Gray, then she was Wendy Kakeet. As far as I am aware she grew up in Clunes, Northern Vic. 

I am hoping you might be able to post something in your newspaper, explaining how I am looking for her. I have attached photos of what she looked like then and what she looked like now. I have also attached a photo of her parents. Maybe someone may recognize her from the photos. She never told me much about her family, or who my father’s father was and I was really hoping to find out. 

Her life dates were the 25/June/1940  to the 06/November/2015.

She ended up marrying the most wonderful man John Gray, who I now know as my grandfather. She was married to him for the last 38 years of her life. 


I would love to hear from you, with any information that may be of use to me in the search. Thank you kindly!

WIRES Update - 313

What was thought to be a routine call to the WIRES Northern Rivers Hotline turned out to be a very unusual story.

The caller reported a bird that couldn't fly in Lismore. When the bird was rescued, it was at first thought to be albino. However, the bird is actually leucistic, that is with blue eyes, pink beak and feathers that are not completely white.


“R” is for Recognise a con job when you see one.

Written by F Vivian – Excerpt by Michael Anderson.

People in the Northern Rivers are passionate about land rights, human rights and ‘Aboriginal rights’ but before any of you go jumping on the ‘Recognise’ bandwagon I suggest you check out a group of First Nation People titled Sovereign Union  and re-read your history. 

The First Lie. - British colonisation of “Australia” was based on two fundamental lies. One that the land mass was Terra Nullius - ‘no man’s land’ – clearly it wasn’t and secondly that ‘Australia’ as one land mass was only one nation. In fact the land mass was made up of over two hundred or so different Nations, all with different law. So by claiming one area or Nation in Sydney doesn’t mean they claimed all 200 Nations. 


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Advertising Person 

The Village Journal seeks someone to help obtaining new advertising for future editions.

Remuneration is on a commission basis. 

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Confidence and Vibrance to represent the VJ to potential advertisers
  • Ability to build and maintain customer      relations
  • The capacity to work autonomously as well as be a team player.
  • The organisation to work to a deadline
  • Must be computer literate or prepared to learn fast

If you think you may have these skills and more contact the editor