Corndale Public School - A Parent's Perspective

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Corndale Public School - A Parent's Perspective

Almost 3 years ago we were busily building our house on our property we had just bought on Corndale Road. With the house build coming along and plans to move to the area for the start of the school year I thought I had better look into the local schools and where to enrol the kids. There were a few nearby school options and I thought I would visit and take a look at a few of them and make a decision. 

A couple of the nearby schools were both very similar in size and number of classes and teachers.  Both seemed like lovely schools, with happy students and the staff were very welcoming and I came away feeling that we had some great schooling options to choose from.  


I was a bit worried about Corndale Public School because it was so small and had the one class with around 22 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. 

I was worried about my two boys, two years apart being in the same class all day and at home together and maybe needing a break from each other at school.  I wondered about whether they would have any friends their own age and how a small school would work.  We had previously come from a primary school with 350 kids and prior to that a school with around a thousand kids.

As soon as I walked into Corndale school I just had a great feeling about it.  All of the students were working on a school concert piece practicing their music and singing.  They all seemed so comfortable around each other - like a family. The teaching principal was lovely and happy to talk me through my small school concerns. We decided to give Corndale a go. 

Almost three years ago now and we haven’t been disappointed.  The Teaching Principal has been a constant and is outstanding and I’ve watched my children’s creative, social and academic ability be nurtured and grow.  The great advantages of such a small school now seem obvious although I didn't see them at the time.  

The one on one attention to each individual’s learning needs is fantastic.  The way the older kids take on responsibility for teaching and supervising the younger kids.  The whole of school participation in so many diverse 

activities. The great resources with an extensive library and almost a computer per student. There is also the great community involvement with an active P&C that has been able to organise after school care and fund additional resources such as iPads to make use of educational programs. They really don’t miss out on anything. 

Best of all was seeing how close my two sons have become. They are just the best of friends - playing so well together at school and bringing that home. They know exactly what is going on in each other’s worlds, and if one of them doesn’t want to tell me how his speech went at school today, the other will always have kind words to say about it.  They have many other friends and it doesn't matter if they are older or younger, boy or girl.



So if you are new to the area or have a preschooler and are thinking about where to send your children to school and you were worried about a small school why not give them another look. There are a number of great small school options in our area to choose from.  Why not give Corndale another look. Our information night for 2016 enrolments is on 15 October at 3pm.

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