Goonengerry Public School

Goonengerry Public School

Warm curries, wonderful sportsmanship, whirring robots, here’s just a taste of what we’ve been up to...

Happy tummies

Each winter we hold a community Curry Night at the school grounds, and this year’s was particularly magical with the fire burning and candles flickering. Families from the school and surrounds turned up with pots of aromatic curry to share and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up outside of school hours (and discuss things other than P&C biz!)


Good sports

Our senior students did us proud at the recent NRL Gala Day held in Mullumbimby. Not only did they win every game they played, they shared the ball beautifully and were voted ‘School of the Day’ by the organisers. Meanwhile, the whole school put in a top effort at the Valley of Small Schools Athletics Carnival (go the Goon!).

Little Robots

The small schools in the region also joined forces to host a series of Robotics workshops, and they had a ball! The full day of programs included creating robots using sensors like rotation and touch, then navigating their ‘bots around the classroom.

Big recyclers

Who knew you could turn plastic milk containers into cool jackets or old mobile phones into saucepans? Our students now do thanks to a lively ‘Trip to the Tip’ at Lismore’s Recycling and Recovery Centre. We also learnt the difference between all those coloured bins and the importance of avoiding waste in the first place!

Thursday Playgroup

Don’t forget we host a weekly playgroup each Thursday from 9am to 11am during the school term. Bring your little ones along to enjoy our wooden fort and sandpit while you catch up with other parents over cups of tea and cake. 

Valley fest 

With the help of our two fantastic music teachers, Angela and Sue, our amazing small school is conducting a performance for Valley fest (in term three, week three) and believe me, it is going to blow your mind! Filled with fun and joy, this show is going to be one in a million! ☺

By Maya Evans and Kia McHugh.


Whoever knew robots could battle? The children of Goonengerry School learnt how to programme and battle with their own creation of a robot. We learnt new technology such as light sensor, sonar, touch sensor, and sound sensor. We socialised with other small schools but most of all had a truck load of fun.

Nicky and Jack.


Our school went to the LRC (Lismore Recovery Centre). We took a tour bus into the tip to see the big recycling machines. We learnt that glass turns back into sand, an amazing process that uses the sand for roads. It’s great to learn about where our waste goes and we realised how incredible we are at our school at recycling and taking our food home. It was a great day and we had lots of fun; we even got to walk through the koala forest. 

Felix and May


Healthy food is important and it’s fun to grow too. Here at Goonengerry we love to grow, care for, and eat our own lovely food. To encourage this, every Wednesday stage three, and sometimes stage two, create a wondrous and exciting meal to share with the school.

By Yemaya and Jade

Pirate Day Friday

Goonengerry P.S cares about many things including kids with cancer. Two weeks ago on Friday the 12th of June, Goonengerry students dressed as pirates for Pirate Day Friday, they raised $43.10c towards research for cancer.

Comment by Aroha Harwood and Carita Ness; “We are filled with joy to be able to raise money towards cancer so more children can survive it”


Goonengerry School attended a fabulous NRL gala day hosted by Mullumbimby Giants League Club. Two weeks earlier Kel, from NRL New South Wales came for an afternoon of skill building. The next week he came back for an afternoon of team work building.

Comment from Ariki Harwood; I really loved it. It was super fun being able to play against other schools.

Tarquin Ness and Ariki Harwood    

Curry Night

We had curry, we watched movies, we had rice. Yum Yum Yum. It was really fun. The kids played spotlight all night. We got to meet the community. Goonengerry thinks it’s really important to interact with the community.


Nyha Plant and Andy Wise


Happy, safe holidays everyone and we look forward to returning fresh on July 14. For more info, call 6684 9134.

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