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Natural Law #272

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge this cosmic cycle as a catalyst for major change.


I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility for creating everything you experience. I honour the ancestors. 
You are all my relations. All is One.

Chad Morgan

Galactic greetings and happy new year.

For newbies to the VJ, Natural Law is intended to offer support through the unprecedented changes occurring on all levels: personally; locally; nationally; globally; cosmically – universally. Natural Law is informed by the Mayan Lunar and Tzolkin Calenders. So let’s see what’s happening in February.

The beginning of February is INTENSE with the second 10-day sequence of galactic activation days (there’s only 2 in the calendar). This powerful cycle will either be chaos, or, you can choose to consciously target what needs to be sorted and make the big changes required in your life.

These activation days bring heightened energies, greater awareness and sensory experience and, an increased opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights. This energy continues to support your life changes and dramatic events are more possible too.

Moon 8 of the Mayan Lunar Calender begins on 7 February (to 6 March). The totem for this moon is the Hawk. Expect an increase in all forms of messages and communication during this Moon (e.g. talks; dreams; contracts; emails; phone; radio, animal etc). Also trust your judgement and intuition – even if the outcome isn’t what you normally would do.

The number 8 compliments the Hawk energy, with the qualities of harmony and integrity. Strive for more harmony; think, speak and act with integrity, and see the big picture in what’s happening within and around you.

On 14 February we begin a new 52-day Castle in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, which can be likened to a shift in season. The overarching theme for this ‘season’ is GIVING: to yourself and others; and giving something important a chance to happen, (like a new arrangement or circumstance). From 14-26 February we are asked to focus on our personal growth. You are here for a purpose - you are here to reach your highest potential. To do this, you need to be strong and healthy: in body; mind; and spirit. Use these 13-days to get back on track with any area that may need a boost. HINT: Identify the area that needs a boost (e.g. body, mind, spirit) and then DO WHAT BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO THE EARTH.

February offers a high concentration of energy that is focused on birthing something very new. The best advice is to go with the flow – resisting the natural flow will be disastrous for your: health and wellbeing; relationships and otherwise. This may mean surprising yourself with the decisions you make and the perspectives you take.

Consider: just because it is (or has been), doesn’t mean that it should be that way, or that it can’t work another way.

You are the authority on what you have experienced. No one and no thing can heal you, it is you who chooses to heal.

A clip of interest:

2012: A Year of Power

Stand tall and go forward.


Natural Law #271

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge this cosmic cycle as a catalyst for major change.
I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility 
for creating everything you experience. I honour the ancestors. 
You are all my relations. All is One.

Greetings Everyone,

December is upon us and the Year 2011 nears a close. As we approach that completion, it is important to be aware that we – you and I – are on the verge of major change and transition regarding our direction, service and the way we express our purpose. Expect a key shift in your priorities – you have reached the end of your current road and it is time to make a choice, a decision, as to which road you are now taking...

From December 1-12 find your own power and trust in the ideas that come to you. This will be two weeks of change and disruption – a metaphoric ‘storm’ to blow away unwanted things, that have been previously difficult to let go of. It will also be a period of review where you are invited to examine where you are in life, what you have already changed this year and what ideas you have. So allow the winds of change into your life and make those important changes – it may feel scary, but it’s the only way to progress forward. This is a catalyst period – expect big change that will be remembered for a while. Rest assured that these are changes you require - so you can generate the energy you need to progress forward.

During this time you may feel exhausted, confused, emotional and develop flu-like symptoms, if this is you, FOCUS on moving forward and refrain from getting stuck in your old story. 2012 is a year for breakthrough, freedom and personal change and now is the time to set in motion: your new direction, new goals and new purpose.

From December 13-31 there is an energy shift from the chaos of the ‘storm’ into a sense of creating: order, balance, harmony, equality and space. During this time, be open to receiving guidance and messages and be sure to share the revelations you receive – this is very important. It’s time to take bold steps into your future – some things desperately need to change, find new solutions to old challenges. Complementing this ‘order’ is one of only two 10-day portal looms running from 25/12-3/1. In the Mayan Tzolkin Calender, a portal day contains potential for; heightened energies, amplified awareness and sensory experience, and greater opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights. Portal days activate dormant potential and transformation, so make the most of this unusual 10-day energy ‘boost’ over Christmas and New Year.

This ‘portal loom’ intensity heightens your instincts and supports you to make the life changes that need to occur during this time. The message is to shed your old skin and emerge renewed and healed. Transmute your fear and enter the new year in a truly resolved way.

Other cosmic influences at this time support you to organise things well and to feel a heightened sense of everything that’s going on around you. You may also experience a better ability to adapt to your environment, noticing how you’re able to blend in, lay low or even appear to go unnoticed. Dreams are important during this period, make time to reflect and review a dream if it feels significant, as it contains important messages and guidance for you.

Above all else, strive for balance, order, harmony and space.

The world will tell you who you are - until you tell the world.


Natural Law #270

Natural Law

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility for your own growth and evolution.
I honour the ancestors, All my relations, All is One.

Welcome to November Everyone,

Natural Law

A fruit tree adapts to its continuously changing and sometimes challenging environment in order to give itself the best possible chance to fulfil its highest creative potential - to bear luscious, healthy and abundant fruit. The size and quality of the actual yield will depend on the internal and external conditions, including the fruit trees’ inner-strength, wellbeing and ability to adapt, and externally, any extremes in weather, for example.

This year has been particularly intense, and you have experienced a rapidly shifting internal and external environment and have been presented with great changes that have challenged your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This process was like a collapse and disintegration of some key things/people/situations/perceptions of self/values and truths, that you felt a sense of ‘safety’ and ‘comfort’ in – but just because it is, doesn’t mean that it should be. These changes are necessary for your growth, nothing was off-limits and you have been challenged to the core of yourself, and perhaps questioned or even shattered certain perceptions of who you thought you were. This is the very place we needed to go, and it can be an uncomfortable place to sit...

All for a greater purpose of course. Now is the time to focus your energy and concentrate on what is in front of you, as great progress can be made now. This may involve a significant ‘letting go’ of something or someone to which you have an emotional attachment – those which result in an experience of constriction, limitation and narrow perceptions. If you feel this relates to you, but still feel unsure, the result of this ‘letting go’ will facilitate your expansion and ability to see and feel the bigger picture – spiritual growth and life benefits will result! Timing is essential in this process – the wise Owl knows when to act and when to wait, when to be gentle and when to use force, let your heart lead the way and you’ll be fine.

Listening and leading with the heart should be easier for us now. The challenges of late have been designed to break down our ‘tough’ exteriors, the walls of protection that we build around us to cover and hide the vulnerable, innocent, gentle and honest creatures that we are. It is time for us to soften more deeply into ourselves and in doing so, to direct a greater level of love, gentleness and compassion into ourselves. The way that we are towards ourselves is of direct relevance and consequence to how we are able to be with others. So tend to the metaphoric garden-of-self, do your weeding, plant new seeds and get pruning. Remember to treat with respect whatever you let go of - your tough exterior, walls of protection and dysfunctional ways of relating - these are your waste materials, the dead leaves and branches and just like compost, when let go, these will break down and provide rich fertiliser to support your new growth.

During the first half of November let go of usual resistance, be courageous and go on an adventure. Loosen up and allow yourself to explore the world freely. The second half of November is about building bridges and death – sometimes in order to cross a bridge into new and unexplored pastures, we must first allow something to die. Let go of whatever or whoever resists you moving forward into new worlds and restore equality and balance to your life.


Natural Law #269

Natural Law

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility 
for your own growth and evolution.
I honour the ancestors, All my relations, All is One.

October Greetings Everyone,

Natural Law

How did you go last month? The Moon of Challenge was just that, however if traversed with courage and integrity, you will have chosen to change how you respond to certain things, remembering open and expansive ways of being, which serve to affirm your Oneness with yourself and all of life. Good on you!

A keyword for October is ‘Service’. In the first half of the month, ask yourself “how can I best serve?” Think laterally and creatively when exploring these questions and apply great respect to this process. Is your ‘service’ for the greater good? Is your ‘service’ safe for all life forms? This active flowering process requires courage to accept your passion, and will instil much inner peace if you’re honest with yourself. Persevere with grace and innocence – this is possible when you recognise and accept your inner-passion and choose to serve from this place.

Particularly until mid-October, be of more service to your loved ones, and also contemplate how you may best serve. Go about your day gracefully, explore the extraordinary, look into things more deeply and follow your curiosity to discover other worlds. This is a time to be wise and humble - think cool, calm and collected. This is also a time to put your hands to good use in order to produce and accomplish. Focus on what you can achieve with your hands, and if you need support, be assertive in asking for a hand.

The second half of October relates to the form your service will take. Open up to the ways of your ancestors to support this process and remember to consider how it will apply universally (the adage ‘think global, act local’ is appropriate here). Do not fear yourself or your ideas, “for the times they are a’changin’” and now is the moment for you to live and share your true passion, that is, your gift. Trust yourself and choose to see the truth lying in the shadows that may be easy to ignore. Have the guts to speak from your heart gently and clearly. What do you feel compelled to do? Go for it. Your intuition knows when to take action and when to rest – this is the secret to your success right now, so listen to your inner-voice.

Do not confuse intelligence with wisdom – the latter comes from within and cannot be gained from studying books or academia. Your rational brain has its uses but allow your intuitive side to lead you through this One.

Mayan author and speaker Carl Calleman has proposed the end of the Mayan calendar will occur on October 28, 2011 (rather than the well known December 21, 2012 date). I feel both dates are important: the Summer Solstice in 2012 marks a harmonious cosmic alignment, which will likely provide a powerful energy of its own. In addition, I certainly feel we are currently in an unprecedented cycle of transformation and rebirth of which the end of October 2011 could mark a turning point of some kind.

So, remain tuned-in to yourself and persevere on your journey of positive growth, breaking old patterns of relating that no longer serve you or those around you. The rewards for this kind of journey are not material they are felt and experienced within and bring with them a sense of inner-peace, balance and contentment – priceless. You have all you need for this journey within you...good luck.

Natural Law #268

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with ultimate responsibility to yourself.
I honour the ancestors past and present.

Hallo and welcome to September and Moon 2 of the Mayan lunar calendar. The energies this month support us to continue forward in the areas of health and healing, key words include polarise, stabilise and challenge. This next part of the journey is still very much connected to your process of transmutation (changing shape or form) and rebirth and it has never been more important than now to take wonderful and gentle care of yourself.

Natural Law

If your current process can be likened to climbing a great mountain, rest assured the peak is in sight, and the remainder of the climb need not cause you suffering, nor be unnecessarily prolonged. Consciously choose a path of ease and grace and call upon your ancestors, guides, angels and totems to support and assist you, they are with you now more than ever and always respond to your call. Within this profoundly transformative energy, you are called to face challenges and overcome obstacles, this IS a test of pain and endurance, be brave and courageous, summon the great willpower and gentle heart that resides within in order to continue your trek toward the mountain peak. Remember to stop for rest, nourishment and sleep along the way.

In order to meet and transform your constrictions or challenges you will need to practice being offensive in situations where your habit is to be defensive, this will require great awareness and a commitment to being ‘present’ with yourself in relevant situations. Furthermore, it can be useful when experiencing constriction to ‘step back’ and acknowledge the contrasting or opposite views at play, and then from this ‘unattached’ place, choosing to take a neutral position. Polarising difficult situations in this way, especially those with a high emotional charge, will assist you to meet and transform challenges with ease and grace. This will require self-awareness and a willingness to persevere in situations where you feel strong emotional discomfort. Be kind and gentle with yourself, small steps with an intention to overcome challenges will result in great changes.

The likely outcome of this process involves new levels of self-worth, self-value and a greater congruency between what your heart feels and what your mind thinks. You are here to create your highest potential, you are here to create heaven on earth, you are here to free yourself of all forms of separation, you are here to create a new reality.

The current energies are highly supportive of health and healing projects and all forms of spiritual healing are likely to be very effective for you now. It is time to release old patterns and stories from your ancient genetic line and various healing modalities can assist with that process, you will know which one is right for you at this time. You will also find that communication and contractual setbacks experienced last month in August will have cleared up for September and this flow will assist with moving forward.

Be brave, there are many paths that will take you to the peak of the mountain, some more arduous than others. Facing your fears and challenges is confronting, but if done with integrity and humility the transformation will be quick and you can move on. In contrast, what you resist will persist, so agree to meet what is challenging and uncomfortable and choose the road of least resistance to the peak.

Take your place, you are the one you’ve been waiting for.


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