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Natural Law #268

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with ultimate responsibility to yourself.
I honour the ancestors past and present.

Hallo and welcome to September and Moon 2 of the Mayan lunar calendar. The energies this month support us to continue forward in the areas of health and healing, key words include polarise, stabilise and challenge. This next part of the journey is still very much connected to your process of transmutation (changing shape or form) and rebirth and it has never been more important than now to take wonderful and gentle care of yourself.

Natural Law

If your current process can be likened to climbing a great mountain, rest assured the peak is in sight, and the remainder of the climb need not cause you suffering, nor be unnecessarily prolonged. Consciously choose a path of ease and grace and call upon your ancestors, guides, angels and totems to support and assist you, they are with you now more than ever and always respond to your call. Within this profoundly transformative energy, you are called to face challenges and overcome obstacles, this IS a test of pain and endurance, be brave and courageous, summon the great willpower and gentle heart that resides within in order to continue your trek toward the mountain peak. Remember to stop for rest, nourishment and sleep along the way.

In order to meet and transform your constrictions or challenges you will need to practice being offensive in situations where your habit is to be defensive, this will require great awareness and a commitment to being ‘present’ with yourself in relevant situations. Furthermore, it can be useful when experiencing constriction to ‘step back’ and acknowledge the contrasting or opposite views at play, and then from this ‘unattached’ place, choosing to take a neutral position. Polarising difficult situations in this way, especially those with a high emotional charge, will assist you to meet and transform challenges with ease and grace. This will require self-awareness and a willingness to persevere in situations where you feel strong emotional discomfort. Be kind and gentle with yourself, small steps with an intention to overcome challenges will result in great changes.

The likely outcome of this process involves new levels of self-worth, self-value and a greater congruency between what your heart feels and what your mind thinks. You are here to create your highest potential, you are here to create heaven on earth, you are here to free yourself of all forms of separation, you are here to create a new reality.

The current energies are highly supportive of health and healing projects and all forms of spiritual healing are likely to be very effective for you now. It is time to release old patterns and stories from your ancient genetic line and various healing modalities can assist with that process, you will know which one is right for you at this time. You will also find that communication and contractual setbacks experienced last month in August will have cleared up for September and this flow will assist with moving forward.

Be brave, there are many paths that will take you to the peak of the mountain, some more arduous than others. Facing your fears and challenges is confronting, but if done with integrity and humility the transformation will be quick and you can move on. In contrast, what you resist will persist, so agree to meet what is challenging and uncomfortable and choose the road of least resistance to the peak.

Take your place, you are the one you’ve been waiting for.


Natural Law #267

Natural Law

Dear Universal Family:

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of the White Rhythmic Wizard (26/7/11-24/7/12). Overarching ‘wizardry’ themes for this year include: timelessness, receptivity and balance, whilst last year’s energies of cleansing and purification continue to support us to be centred, grounded and clear. Taking us into the Wizard year is Magnetic Moon 1 of the Bat (26/7/11-22/8/2011). By employing its remarkable sense of intuition, the Bat Moon of transition and rebirth supports us to become ‘Masters of the Dark’... but first the Wizard...

‘Timelessness: having no beginning or end; not restricted to a particular time or date; eternal; independent of time; always valid, true or applicable’

Natural Law

Conventional perceptions of time are outdated – many community members currently work more for less return, most line up or are ‘on hold’ for longer, and some hurry because ‘bargains’ are often for a limited time only. Some of us consume ‘time convenient’ substances labelled as ‘food’. Many community members increasingly feel there is no time for quality and meaningful interaction in their inner and outer relationships.

Drop this fear, because this year, the timeless Wizard is here.

‘Receptivity: capable of or qualified for receiving; willing to consider new ideas; (of a female animal) ready to mate’

Be receptive to whatever comes in each moment without judgement or preconceived conclusions – this requires you to empty yourself of thoughts and emotions that belong with past events and to remain soft and gentle in body.

Acceptance of change is key - as major shifts will continue this year. Allow your emotions to flow responsibly, cleanse and purify often. Under the Wizard’s guide we learn to trust our heart’s knowledge that we are part of an open system that is limitless, boundless and timeless, and from that understanding, that absolutely everything is possible.

The first Moon of the Wizard year, the Moon of the Bat takes us into the Darkness of the womb. Here we can emerge reborn - a new me, a new you. It’s so important to let go of the past that holds us back, fears from old experiences, pain that alters our actions, to let go of whatever prevents us from flying.

Let’s SEEK the Darkness together. Let’s open it up, sense what is true and free ourselves of pain and fear. Let’s go with sensations to clean the house, get a new hairstyle, give up smoking or a worn out relationship. It’s a magical time to fly away to a new place...a time to initiate...a time for new ideas and is a new lunar year...

A parting note from the Wizard is to co-create gardens this year – let’s prepare the ground, let’s work together, let’s tune in to the natural cycles and seasons of the earth, let’s lovingly tend our ‘crops’ to harvest and then let’s receive and reap what we have sown. This garden story acts as a metaphor applicable to many aspects and stories of life, and clearly links the outcome to the energy and intentions of our actions from the beginning (‘reap what we have sown’).

‘Equality: a state of being equal, esp. in status, rights and responsibilities; similarity rather than sameness; a symbolic expression of the fact that two qualities are equal’

Time is Art.


Natural Law #266

Dear Ones,

This Mayan Red Overtone Moon year is nearly complete, in July we enter the final Moon – Moon 13: The Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence.

Overarching themes of the past lunar year include the element “water” and the energy of purification in all its forms. When I reflect on these themes the following comes to mind: coal seam gas mining (and our water security), unprecedented floods in Australia and overseas, tsunami in Japan, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and my own deep process of purification: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s been massive and this final ‘turtle’ moon invites us to continue: to go a step further and TRANSCEND.

‘Transcend’ – to pass beyond limits; to be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass; to exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe).

Another key word from the turtle is PRESENCE. Turtle asks you to spend time in your ‘shell’ to contemplate your achievements over the past lunar year. July kicks off with a new moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer (6.53pm on July 1). This energy stirs our emotional body particularly regarding family, home, safety and security, with an opportunity to gain clarity through a higher perspective. During this time focus on whatever is energising and uplifting you, as other energies in the first week of July support us to honour the importance of our innovative dreams and imaginative ideas, particularly if these are sitting on the ‘backburner’ – it’s time to take them off low heat, bring them to the ‘frontburner’, turn up the fire and prepare to plate up your special dish. For most this will take courage and may feel like a step into the unknown. Remember, fortune favours the brave...

Your inner warrior steps out in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of July. Use your intelligence and summon all your will to set about finding, or going on your life’s mission. This is a time where some will find their niche, that is, discover what they are here to do. The turtle is a symbol of longevity and patience, remember and invoke these qualities as you embark on your mission. The turtle says: ‘make sure what you do is sustainable’, ‘don’t rush things’ and ‘sure and steady wins the race’.

The final week in July is like coming full circle, where we see the completion of the 13-moon cycle (July 24), a ‘day out of time’ (July 25) and the Mayan New Year (July 26). In addition, we are supported through this process by an energetic amplification of the overarching themes of the year; water and purification. It’s like one final opportunity to purge, release, let go and … flow, flow, flow.

And some final words from the turtle who carries ‘home’ (their shell) on their back and thus everywhere they go. Turtle says ‘remember you have everything you need with you right now’. Turtle’s belly hugs the earth and its shell salutes the sky, thus turtle is also a perfect example of heaven on earth, and we too can benefit from balancing our earth/sky connections this way. It’s great to receive guidance from spirit and even greater if you can ground that guidance on the physical plane to benefit the collective ‘Higher Good’.

That is what these times are about.

I am offering Reiki sessions and card readings, those interested can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0405 656 797.

Natural Law #265

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Dear You,

Natural Law

Yes You - your ordinary and plain True-Self. Is ordinary and plain so bad? I think not. How did you go with the Snake energy in May? It can be highly frustrating and unsettling to meet our fears and associated emotions, however truly meeting them means we can understand them, grieve them and let them go. In order to avoid meeting our fears and the associated emotions, we busy ourselves with endless and often useless distractions, therefore we use up valuable energy keeping the yucky and boring ‘stuff’ in the background. Remember, we must travel through our ‘muck’ in order to truly leave it behind.

In June we enter the Crystal Moon 12 of Cooperation, the totem is the Rabbit. Significantly, we also begin a 3-part eclipse series, with a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini on June 2nd and a full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 16. Eclipses amplify and intensify, so it’s super-important to be conscious of where you direct your energy and to understand the themes raised in this cycle will reverberate for six months....The final in the series happens on July 2, a new moon solar eclipse.

The first half of June continues with our personal growth and evolution. The new you is finally emerging and the energies here will support you to break any illusions that obstruct the full expression of your true-self. Fears of rejection and abandonment could be themes for some. It’s time to express your truth, don’t compare yourself to others, answer only to yourself, give yourself permission to self-actualise, wake up and be present to yourself, the time of the guru has passed – be your own master, take responsibility for yourself! Get it? I call it ‘Self-Sovereignty’.

From this place of cooperating with our true self, in the 2nd half of June we receive energetic support to cooperate with others. If you are so inclined, around June 16 do a prayer or ritual to clear the karmic issues of the past 6 months – a break-through affording permanent change is likely at this time, therefore a clearing can be hugely helpful to this process. There will continue to be some insightful, perhaps uncomfortable revelations during this time, but this is all in preparation for moving forward and leaving baggage behind that is way too heavy for the journey that lies ahead.

Particularly in the 2nd half of June, take off your serious hat and trade it for a playful one. Enjoy the simple things in life, love with no strings yet with integrity. Loyalty is a big theme at this time. Practice working together with others, show others how you’re looking out for them, socialise with others. Don’t be afraid of the ‘unconventional’ and refrain from categorising people based on what they do or how they dress. In fact the call here is to engage with what is unconventional to you – it’s not bad, just different and anyway, you’re changing so explore the new you!

Remember when cooperating with yourself and others to keep it simple and easy-going. Find and create situations that feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively and physically supportive for both you and others. The energy of the Rabbit is also affectionate, gentle and very cuddly, so get plenty of this, allow yourself to keep warm and feel nurtured – remember intimacy takes many forms and it’s okay for you to let others know what kind and level of intimacy you are seeking. Ask and you shall receive!

I am offering Reiki sessions and card readings, those interested can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0405 656 797.


Natural Law #263

Greetings One Mob,

This month we emerge from the depths of the jungle back to domesticity, as we complete the Moon of the Jaguar and begin the Moon of the Dog.

Additionally, the Mayan Dreamspell Calender neatly divides into five sections called ‘castles’, each castle lasts 52 days and can be likened to a season. As well as moving into the Dog Moon this month, on the 8th April we enter a new castle (i.e. a change in season) – the ‘Castle of Burning’ as its name suggests, is the most intense in the Calender. Remember ‘intense’ does not mean difficult, make no mistake the energies of this Castle – particularly the first 13 days and the last 13 days – hold the potential to powerfully accelerate our current cycle of transformation. In that way, let’s call this a golden opportunity.

It’s time to step out of the mould (whatever that means for you) and explore interests and avenues you’ve been closed off to. All is One and in an interconnected world you are in relationship with everything and everyone (your kin). Only you can review existing boundaries and limitations that govern your ways of relating. No longer can we blame society, past government policy or oppressive laws, now is the time for Self-governance.

The qualities of the Dog assist us to this end – loyalty, protectiveness, love and affection. My model of Self-governance recommends these qualities be directed and applied to oneself:

  • loyalty to honour and act upon your needs, desires and deepest truths and,
  • protecting the integrity of your physical body, feelings, thoughts and spirit/soul, and
  • communicating love and affection to your body and mind – particularly when experiencing inner conflict.

During April indulge yourself in simple pleasures, forget about serious talk and play like a puppy. The more you allow yourself to follow your heart and liberate your ways of relating, the more fun and exciting work, study and play can be.

Some may view the outcomes of these concepts as fundamentally challenging to entrenched ideas on relating however I view them as a REMEMBERING of the traditional laws that govern my kinship system and crucially, guiding me how to conduct myself to ensure the wellbeing and survival of ALL kin.

Due to the intense energies of the castle and other cosmic factors, many life changes are possible during April. I see this potential as a kind of ‘completion’ to the re-birthing cycle we’ve been experiencing – metaphorically shedding the skin and emerging renewed and healed (finally!). Another way to describe it is ‘changing shape or form’ that is, restructuring the way we process our experiences, increasing body-mind-soul congruency and therefore improving ways of relating for all. All is One and everything is all about relationship.

Truth is also a key consideration during April, a search for truth about the world and about yourself. It’s no good if others see your potential and inner beauty, but you can’t. You’ve got to see it and you’ve got to believe it. This can be difficult for some because of prior learning, however again look beyond that learning and you can begin REMEMBERING. There has been a time in your incarnation where you understood yourself as the Divine Being – King or Queen that you are. Remember this time now.

Enter this period consciously, set some goals and intentions on the April 3 New Moon and use this powerful energy to your benefit. Do this and you will achieve amazing results. One thing is for sure and that is April will not be boring for anyone. So remember, when in doubt (or anxiety, or worry...) take off your serious hat and play like a puppy.


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