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Natural Law #262

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Greetings One Tribe,

We all belong to the One extended family, we originate from the same One Source. When we go back to this - our common, original roots, we realise our fundamental sameness, our shared values that have always existed naturally– this is the energy that will unite hearts and establish order on Earth - we are One family and blood is thicker than water after all…

The Solar Moon of the Jaguar

Sisters and brothers brace yourself, the Solar Moon of the Jaguar is here from March 7 to April 3. This is a time to step into your personal power and move forward fearlessly. This month work on balancing the kin relationships in your life. For Indigenous People, kinship began with the land and from that came all else, including; family, language, natural resources, law and lore, and furthermore life was spent consistently nurturing and maintaining each and every one of these relationships in order to ensure cohesion, wellbeing and therefore survival.

Now, in a time of gross toxicity (chemicals and cancer), irreversible contamination of our water (coal seam gas mining) and unconscionable cruelty to animals (factory-farming) – all factors that harm and destroy balance on Earth, it is useful to consider how the Aboriginal approach to balancing relationships can assist in our contemporary lives.

This will take 5 minutes… draw a circle on a piece of paper, now draw lines from the circle and list all your ‘kin’ relationships. Yours will hopefully cover; family, friends, job/work, study/learning, Self and partner/lover. Be creative and lateral! I had a hard time separating my ‘Self’ from the land, spirit and animals so they’re all included in there for me, but you may wish to list them separately. First, consider whether there’s any kin relationship that’s completely missing in your life, and act precisely and accurately to include it. Say if ‘study/learning’ is missing – go to the library and borrow a book on something, anything, you wish to learn about. Take simple and easy steps to balance your kinship system.

Next, ask whether the relationships that do exist are balanced? Perhaps you pour yourself too deeply into your work and feel you don’t have time for a love relationship. Bollocks!! Everyone needs love, companionship, touch and intimacy – mental, heart, spiritual, emotional and pelvic intimacy. Be on the lookout for someone to connect with in this way, or if you already know someone, ask them out. Spending time together in this way is very healing and rejuvenating, we’re human, we need this love and we need an opportunity to give this love too.

Know that certain kin relationships may occupy more of your time than others, for example you may have 4 children and a partner, so realistically that may require 80% of your time (perhaps even more?). The key is INTENTION. Even arranging to meet a friend once a month (and sticking to it) will have immense effect in balancing your kinship system – do it and do it now.

Examining your kinship system at this time is likely to highlight a relationship that needs to die, which involves action from you - to recognise it’s run its course and then having the courage to let it go. It could be a person or a job for example. Either way, this is hugely important in this process, as it will create space and free you up to build and cross new bridges into places you’ve never been before.

The Jaguar is comfortable in the full expression of its’ own power and draws on the energy of the Sun to shift things with focus and precision, so it can move forward clearly and fearlessly.


Natural Law #261

Natural Law

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Welcome to the Year of the Rainbow Serpent! It is time for the collective Dreaming to unfold and materialise on Earth. Expect new beginnings in all areas of life, also innovative, visionary projects will get up and running, and blessed collaborations ensue – it’s time to work together as One.

The last few months have been challenging to say the least. Most saw their world collapse and disintegrate at some level, please know that this is perfect as we need to travel lightly for the journey ahead and bring only what supports us to go forward - so “well done” for your courage, optimism and perseverance in the face of such instability and disruption.

For those new to this column, a huge “welcome” and a little background…Natural Law is inspired by the premise that all life systems are interconnected and as you read this, a major shift is occurring signifying the arrival of a New Age. This means more and more people are seeing the world with new eyes and therefore our ways of doing and being in the world are also changing. These changes will affect all areas of society: health, education, law, welfare and especially governance. So how do you fit into this change? This column is based on the Indigenous Mayan Moon Calender and is intended to support you through this massive change in humanity.

~Good Luck and May the Divine Forces of Love, Light & Dark Be With You~

Last Chance to Monkey Around!

The first 6 days of February take us to the end of the Monkey Moon. First and foremost use these days to ‘monkey around’, get up to mischief and have fun! Engaging with monkey energy is potent medicine for us to balance the intensity and agony of what’s just past. Monkeys’ are highly intelligent so open your mind to learning, particularly on a spiritual level.

The Hawk Talks

From February 7 to March 6 we enter the Galactic Moon of the Hawk – Moon 8 in the Mayan Lunar Calender. It’s most important not to get bogged down in anything during this time. The Hawk sees things from a higher perspective, so see the big picture – the interconnectedness in every situation and thing. From this place act to create more harmony in your life, the Hawk rules communications so watch for important messages or call upon the Hawk if you wish to attract a message. Expect new ideas and creativity, and practice grounding yourself everyday (one of the Hawk’s weaknesses).

The Light Bulb Potential

The first half of the Hawk Moon is supported by 13-days of the Yellow Sun energy, where each day has potential for revelations and epiphany – that “Aha!” moment. Stick with the ‘big picture’ teachings of the Hawk, ask for a message perhaps - whatever you do consciously intend to learn something important during the Sun energy, and you will.

It’s Time to Skywalk

The 2nd half of the Hawk Moon is supported by the Red Skywalker energy. This calls for you to ‘loosen up’, ‘bite the bullet’ and go on an adventure! Step out of your comfort zone, redefine yourself and do it differently - stop procrastinating and just do it! Explore the world around you – touch, smell, see, and hear it. Interesting that the Monkey, Hawk, Sun and Skywalker energies at some level, all relate to mind activity, so during February consciously explore your mental patterns, it’s time to ‘wake up’ and embrace a new consciousness.

Natural Law #260

NATURAL LAW with Helene Collard

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

December Greetings Everyone - another solar year approaches conclusion and this month we also conclude a Mayan Calender cycle.

New Age Spiritualists have referred to 2010 as the ‘Year of the Pheonix Rising from the Ashes’ or the Year of Re-birth - before one can be reborn, they must die and chances are you have experienced great challenge and loss on some level this year. Know this loss is not in vain, quite the contrary as change is a natural part of life, it provides important opportunities for us to grieve, let go and re-evaluate what’s important, re-emerging back into the world with greater wisdom, ‘new eyes’. 2011 is the ‘Year of the Rainbow Serpent’ and to Indigenous Peoples this sacred creature participates in the Creation of the World, thus 2011 is the time for the collective Dreaming of the New Age to unfold. Allow this information to support you to ‘complete’ the Year of Re-birth - so you are well prepared for the Dreaming.

Get Real with the Peacock

The Peacock Moon takes us to Dec 12 and you’ll remember from last month this energy is about empowering yourself, particularly with your higher-sensory abilities. Also be brave and talk about things that are bothering you, especially those things you’ve been consistently avoiding – this will close a door, yes it’s time to move on, but please be patient. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the realisation that something is more important. Get real and acknowledge the ‘ugly’ as well as the ‘beautiful’.

See like an Eagle

Supporting the message of the Peacock is the Eagle. As you ‘get real’ try to see things from the Eagle’s vantage point – fly high with your mind and see the big picture. The higher-vision of the Eagle stimulates new creativity – provide yourself a creative outlet during the first 2 weeks of December – this will nurture and support you whilst you bravely close that door and sit in patience …

The End of a Cycle

The ‘Natural Law’ articles are based on two Mayan Calenders: the 13-Moon Calender and the Tzolkin (or Dreamspell) Calender. The latter is a 260-day cycle, the current which happens to end on December 24, with a new 260-day cycle beginning on Christmas Day. Let’s see what energies take us through this important period...

The Rhythmic Lizard

From December 13 – January 9 we groove into Rhythmic Moon 6 of the Lizard. Great for the festive season as the Lizard is a good organiser and has a superb sense of rhythm! During this Moon expect your senses to heighten somewhat, allowing you to see and hear all – pay attention to subtle messages you receive. The Lizard will gladly support your efforts to adapt to your environment more successfully and to achieve greater balance in your life – the Lizard helps you prepare for the Dreaming.

The Star in You

The Yellow Star supports us from the beginning of the Lizard Moon to the end of the Tzolkin on December 24. Beauty and elegance are key words, let the Star bring out the best in you – let your true-self shine - welcome to the galaxy! Enlightenment is not a given, you’ve earned it by facing up to challenges, grieving, letting go and moving on. Congratulations! Transcend by enduring and shining like a Star.

The Dragon’s Cave Awaits

Christmas Day, the beginning of a new Tzolkin cycle – and enter the Red Dragon for 13 days. The Dragon wants you to spend this time contemplating what you can achieve for the next 260-days – the agenda is ‘birth and nurturing’. You are invited to crawl into the Dragon’s cave and replenish your energy – once you emerge you’ll feel reborn. Seriously consider where you need to be this Christmas/New Year – wherever you end up, make sure you are Earth-connected. The Dragon takes you into the Dreaming.

The author wishes to acknowledge Dianne Ward and Robbyne LaPlant.


Natural Law #259

NATURAL LAW with Helene Collard

Natural Law

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Good-day Earth Warriors. After the deep transformations in the months preceding, we are now in a long-term period of transition, integration and evolution. The Scorpio Sun definitely brings a change of mood and relentless determination is required now to discover your special gift, your truest and highest Self – to live life to your fullest.

The Owl Moon

Flowing from last month the Owl Moon takes us through to November 14. The Owl energy invites us, in fact asks us to connect with our ‘ancient lineage’. We have each been here many times before in various forms and roles and as a result hold a wealth of wisdom deep within our souls - the learning from our many lifetimes. It is time now to re-activate, share and incorporate this higher knowledge into whatever you do. Remember from last month, the Owl makes a clear distinction between knowledge gained from books and academic pursuit, and the wisdom and knowing that comes from within – the latter is most important now.

The Moon & Waters

What the Owl asks of us requires great trust and from November 3-15 we are supported in this process by the flowing, purifying and changing nature of the universal waters. Surrender to the ebb and flow of everything in your life, for this energy wants to teach us about letting go. The Moon is the continuous cycle of birth, life and death, and it is important to remember we experience birth, life and death everyday – the birth of a new relationship or the loss (death) of a job, for example. Frustration comes from trying to control events which are out of our control, so go with the flow and you’ll be fine. Whenever I feel stuck, I like to say the affirmation, ‘I am like a river flowing on and on forever’...

Peacock Power

On November 15 we make a grand entrance into Mayan Moon 5 - the Peacock Moon. In this time of transition and ‘newness’ the Peacock’s energy is here to help you find your own power. The Peacock is a little vain so will help you to acknowledge your own beauty and radiance yes, this is the time to empower yourself! The ‘eyes’ on the Peacock’s feathers are said to represent psychic ability, so particularly during this Moon you are supported to use your ‘eyes’ to gain insight and see all. Perhaps it’s also a time to find the beauty in the ‘ugly’ and to feel things deeply and honestly, whether that brings joy or sadness.

The Winds of Communication

From November 16-28 a Wind-like energy blows our way...this is a great time for sending and receiving messages. Write a letter, make a phone call, express yourself and make communication with others. Also remember Spirit speaks to us all the time so channel your inner Peacock and listen for subtle messages and look for clues and signs. Spirit uses animals to communicate with us so notice animals that appear to you in unusual ways, and those that draw attention to themselves, contemplate the message these animals bring. Also note messages that come in your dreams, always but particularly during this time.

Please know that during this time of collective transition and new beginnings there may be many ‘unknowns’ and that can feel unsettling, even frightening. The key is to trust and act on your inner-voice and what ‘feels right’, even if you can’t ‘see’ the outcome. Remember be wise as the Owl and radiant and powerful like the Peacock. Good luck and travel safely.


Natural Law #258

NATURAL LAW with Helene Collard

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Bonjour my friends and welcome to Natural Law for October ... here in the Southern hemisphere, the dust of the darkness is settling and we can now feel the energy of Spring and new beginnings. The key now is to embrace and integrate our light and our dark – that’s right, own the dark, primal, instinctual part of yourself that you connected with recently and power forward.

A New Path of Service

We continue in the ‘Electric Moon of Service’ until October 17. The Deer is the totem for this 3rd Moon in the Mayan Lunar Calender. At this time of new beginnings, be prepared to re-evaluate how you’ve been serving the world and prepare for this to expand and change. This may be difficult for some because it requires us to re-create ourselves at some level – go on, be courageous and challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, you know you want to. The Deer supports us to approach this process with grace, innocence, wisdom and humility and remember, fortune favours the brave...

Love, Dreams & Abundance

Until October 7, the Mayan Dreamspell (or Tzolkin) Calender supports our ‘recreation’ with the energy of Love and Loyalty - when re-evaluating your path of service remember, enjoying life can be simple. Then from October 8-20 the themes of Dreams and Abundance activate, urging us to take our ideas off the back-burner where they were getting cold. If you don’t honour the importance of your dreams, born from your unique imagination, who will? During this time it’s also important to remember the collective dream, if enough of us dream of the same future, that future will become true.

The Message of the Owl

The ‘Self-existing Moon of Form’ begins on October 18 and takes us into November. The totem for this 4th Moon is the Owl. Whilst the Deer Moon was about recreating ourselves, the Owl Moon assists us to shape those ideas to give them tangible form. The Owl makes a strong distinction between intelligence gained from books and academic study and the wisdom and knowing that comes from within. The Owl says the latter will help you most during this time. Owls are 60 million years old, are found on every continent and so have adapted to all climates, thus this energy is especially supportive of giving shape to ideas that connect with ancient ways and have universal application. The Owl is a master of timing and will help us know when to act and when to rest, when to use strength and when a more gentle approach is required. Finally, the Owl is a messenger of Spirit, so open yourself to signs – signs only have meaning if you give them meaning! Also, Owls are apt in the dark and will help you see whatever truths are hidden.

On A Mission

During the Owl Moon, the Dreamspell Calender supports the ‘shaping’ of our ideas with a Warrior energy! This begins on October 21 and is likened to being a soldier on a mission for 13 days. This is about finding and embarking on a quest – a quest to find your niche in life, or your something ‘new’. What are you doing here on this Earth?? You may have done things already in your life, perhaps you feel defined by those things? Well this is the birthing of a New Age and it’s time to find your new mission! Good luck and happy travelling until next month!!

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