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Natural Law #257

NATURAL LAW with Helene Collard

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation.

Greetings Northern Rivers and beyond. The Mayan Bat Moon which took us through most of August was indeed turbulent and intense, a period of rebirth usually is. As we emerge from the fruitful Dark, this month we face challenges and have opportunity to overcome obstacles. ‘Intuitive Action’ is required to successfully navigate these elevated energies, with the second half of September feeling a little like a new beginning. The elements of Water and Earth hold space for us during this cycle.

The Gift of Challenge

Mayan Moon 2 – Lunar Moon of the Scorpion, asks us to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Remember challenges are gifts, our keys to growth. The first 10 days of September contain amplified and activating energies that could go either way: 1) chaos OR 2) you can target what needs to be sorted. If you get caught up in the nitty-gritty of something, zoom out to the big picture and polarise the situation. You see the key here is to gain self-awareness of two opposing forces (the challenge) – ‘on one hand there’s X and on the other there’s Y’ and from this place of perspective, you are asked to act with integrity and purpose. Yes be on the front foot when facing and overcoming your challenges, be assertive, for now is not the time for complacency.

The Collective Shift

This is nothing less than a shake-up of your life, in order to create a new social world. What we have hidden will be exposed, what we have denied, will be shown. The Scorpion Moon follows the Bat’s rebirth energy to facilitate profound and long-term restructuring. Yes these accelerated energies make big life changes possible, as well as dramatic, unexpected and unpredictable events. So prepare to utilise this energy by staying centred and clear.

Intuitive Action

But what does ‘centred and clear’ mean? Find a quiet space and sit or lay comfortably. Place your left hand on the centre of your chest, fingers parallel to the ground. Inhale slowly and deeply, then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Exhale smoothly, gradually and completely. When breath is totally out, hold it out for as long as possible. Continue for 3-31 mins. To end inhale and exhale strongly 3x and relax. This is a kundalini centring and clearing exercise and is recommended before deciding how to act during this Moon cycle.

Water & Earth

The current Pisces/Virgo polarity means increased emotions and the importance of connecting with the cleansing, life-giving intelligence of Water. There is space within this month to explore your imagination and dream ... with your feet firmly rooted in the Earth. Indeed the second half of September indicates a new beginning of sorts, where you can contemplate what it would look like if you reached your full Divine potential. Evolution is Natural Law, of course we have evolved as a species, but we also evolve on a micro level every day, month and year. From 13 September, look to grow yourself consciously, evolve and deepen your love and connection for the Earth.

And Finally ...

On September 20 we enter the Deer Moon of Service where it’s time to think about how you are being of service to your loved ones and the world? More about that next month. So for now, allow the flow of nature to guide you through the challenges, analyse yourself truthfully and open yourself to clear revelations about your past and the chance to release and clear old issues. Now is a good time to undertake a life review to assist you in the self-regeneration and reinvention that comes later in the month.

The author wishes to acknowledge Dianne from Dreamspell Australia, Robbyne LaPlant and Ashtara.

Natural Law #256

NATURAL LAW with Helene Collard

We have a new contributor to the VJ this month who discusses astrological influences in our lives and communities. Welcome to Helene…ed

Natural Law

Helene is a student of Gnibi, College of Indigenous Australians, currently in her 3rd year of a Trauma & Healing degree, majoring in Law & Justice. Helene is the Secretary of the Northern Rivers Women’s and Children’s Service (NORWACS) and Committee Member of Southern Cross University’s Indigenous Events Coordinating Committee (SCUIECC). She has also been facilitating her self-created ‘Moon Circles’ in Lismore each fortnight for the past 18 months.

I acknowledge the original custodians of this land- the Widjabul People of the Bundjalung Nation

Greetings Rainbow Region! This column is provided in response to the global transition both human and all life-forms are experiencing. The ancient Maya People (and all ancient indigenous cultures for that matter) knew of this time that calls for us to unite as One. Indeed one measure of our individual and collective progress is how we feel about and respond to difference. The Mayan Calendars (they made a few) are especially here to support and guide us forward through this time of great change.

Happy New Year!

Yes, according to the Mayan Moon Natural Time Calender, we entered a new year on July 26. What completions and new beginnings are happening for you? We are now in the Red Overtone Moon Year – but what does that mean? The life-giving element of Water in all its forms is the central theme for this lunar year, as well as deep support for the spiritual journey of humankind. In the calendar are 13 Moons, each Moon comes with a totem animal who teaches us about their Moon’s energy through their special characteristics and gifts. So here’s the news for August!

Moon 1: Bat Moon

The Bat is master of the dark and supports our navigation through our individual and collective fear as we transition into the new lunar year. This is a period of rebirth which calls us to rest in the womb of Mother Earth – however or wherever that is for you, make time now to ‘be’ in nature. This resting creates the space we need to recognise thoughts of fear and feelings of pain that come from past experience and from the experience of our ancestors (fear and pain is passed along and across generations). Spending quiet time in nature connects us to our intuition – use your inner voice and psychic power to ‘see’ the truth.

The Mirror of Truth

The first two weeks of August have a strong theme of truth. It is a time to look in the mirror and see your true potential and inner beauty. Yes, time to let go of ‘I’m not good enough’ belief patterns that simply don’t feel true for you anymore. See the truth of who you are and the truth of the world around you. Fresh clarity and realisations can and will occur, which will spark a new sense of purpose. This new level of insight can be huge and will initiate the ‘letting go’ of habits, fears and perceptions that suddenly don’t fit. Creative processes are very useful during these ‘within’ periods, so draw, write, build, and dance, as a tool for gaining greater self-awareness or work with a practitioner that uses art therapy, sandplay or similar.

The Challenge with Magic

The 2nd half of August has a powerful touch of magic, this energy requires much respect, for it can bring tricks and illusion as well as wonder and delight. In the last week of August we enter Moon 2 of the Scorpion which prepares us to face challenges and overcome obstacles by evoking our inner power and magic. Allow the Bat to prepare you for the challenge of the Scorpion.

And Finally…

Begin the New Year with a fresh start, ‘spring’ clean your house, get a new haircut (I’ve done both), give up a habit or a stale relationship. The Bat is the only mammal that can fly, showing us the real possibility of experiencing and becoming the extraordinary.

Natural Law #273

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility 
for your health and wellbeing. I honour the ancestors past and present. 
You are all my relations. All is One.

Natural Law

Solar Moon Greetings,

March sees us enter the Mayan Solar Jaguar Moon and it’s a ripper! Although it may not seem it on the surface, the energy of the last Moon has assisted us to create a very real state of harmony at a deep level. From this space of ‘higher order’ we can now begin manifesting new creative dreams.

The qualities and characteristics of the Jaguar support us from 7 March–3 April. During this period we are asked to practice discernment – carefully consider all options before acting. Once you decide which way you’re going, take nothing less than precise and deliberate action. The Jaguar is anything but casual! This process will benefit from a courageous and powerful approach on your part – both strong attributes of the Jaguar. If you have previously found it unsafe to be in your power, the Jaguar can assist you to re-claim this healthy aspect of yourself.

In Mayan mythology, the Jaguar is highly revered by the shaman community. The Jaguar is considered a Master in all dimensions and a leader. Contact with the Jaguar energy is also thought to facilitate profound teaching and learning. This extremely powerful energy is available to all who choose to embrace it, particularly during this Moon. The Jaguar is also associated with luck regarding money.

Additional energies supporting us during March include:

Dog – 1 Mar-11 Mar: The Dog is about Love and remembers to enjoy life simply. Technology and commercialism have their place however, they can also complicate our lives unnecessarily. Use this period to re-adjust the place that certain gadgets and technologies have in your life, or if appropriate, get rid of (recycle, sell, giveaway) some completely. Affairs of the heart and issues of loyalty may surface during this period.

Night – 12 Mar-24 Mar: Night energy is about dreams and abundance. During this time, take your ideas out of the privacy of your own mind and bring them out into the physical – speak and share them, investigate them, draw them, sing them...Also share your dreams about the future with others. Your dream is powerful. A collective dream is a super-power. The powerful, intentional and determined energy of the Jaguar Moon, super-charges the Night energy and provides serious activation potential for its themes of dreams and abundance.

Warrior – 25 Mar-6 Apr: Towards the end of March, we experience a flavour of Questing – during this time you may find your quest, or you may go on a quest. This Warrior energy is likened to being a woman/man on a mission. Use your intelligence and willpower to engage this energy. The roar and magic of the Jaguar adds stamina and synchronicity to your mission. Many may find their niche in life during this phase – at the very least, use this time to establish what you are here for, what is it you need to do right now? We all have a mission that we must choose to accept.

Autumn Equinox – 20 Mar: The Autumn equinox marks the Earth’s perfect balance of dark and light (day and night). After this moment, in the Southern Hemisphere, we begin to experience more dark each day in the lead up to Winter. Symbolically, this can be a time to reflect on the experience of loss in our own lives, with an opportunity to understand these challenges as part of a greater story. A deeper level of acceptance through a ‘higher’ understanding will be felt for some.

And Bob Dylan sang...”for the times, they are a’changin...”

Be well.

Natural Law #274

with Helen Collard

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility to recognise your vital role in the health and wellbeing of your own self and your local community.

Natural Law

Welcome to the time of enchantment!


But first, you may remember the Warrior energy from last month which ends on 6 April? To refresh, this is about Questing and going on a mission to find your niche in life, or at least understanding what you need to do and/or where you need to be right now...

The 7th of April marks a new 52-day season in the Mayan Dreamspell (Tzolkin) Calendar, one which can evoke a sense of delight in something wonderful and unusual. During the next (nearly) 2 months, you may feel that something you wish for is right before you, or that you are under an amazing magical spell. Perhaps you feel renewed and inspired about your purpose in life? This season of enchantment is also the last in the 260-day Mayan Dreamspell Calendar (before it begins again).

From 4 April-1 May we experience the energy of the 10th Mayan Moon of Manifestation. The totem for this Moon is always the Dog. The Dog is a most loving, affectionate and giving creature, and during this Moon we can harness and harvest these qualities in ourselves to activate our wishes and support our ideas to blossom. Anything that has cross-cultural relevance and/or application will be strongly supported by the Dog. If we also work with the canine qualities of loyalty, protectiveness and friendliness, you will be amazed by what becomes possible. The Dog can be quite sensitive, so be careful not to become uncooperative through feelings of being rejected. Dogs love to play, make time for simplicity and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Other energies during April include:

Moon 7-19Apr: The Moon energy represents purification and ‘going with the flow’. The moon phases reflect the cycle of life, death and rebirth, a visual representation of how life is meant to be – everything changing; birthing; growing; ending; shedding; reshaping; sprouting; destructing; on micro and macro levels each day. During this period we will learn to ‘let go’ on some level – we only get frustrated when we try to control events that are out of our control. Honour the metaphor of the moon cycles in your own life and go with the flow, otherwise you may miss out on feeling the love and playfulness of the Dog.

Wind 20Apr-2May: The Wind is about communicating with spirit and breath. This is a lovely time to receive and send messages – express yourself and open up communications with others, perhaps by writing a letter or making a phone call. Be mindful that spirit communicates with us subtly, so listen and look for clues – for example, notice how animals appear to you, or take time to reflect on your dreams and decipher what meaning they have for you. Signs that spirit is communicating with you are: synchronicity (or what skeptics call ‘coincidence’); anything happening to you that you associate with a deceased loved one (a song, a name, a saying etc); an animal behaving in a strange manner or who just makes sure you notice them. These are all messages from spirit, but only you can choose to give these meaning.

Much of the energy around us now is light and lovely. Mostly the Moon challenges us - to ‘let go’. Trust and flow with this concept of surrender, and you’ll allow the universal currents and the wind of life to fully support and guide you on your correct path. Your energy will be rejuvenated and conserved and you will be everywhere in perfect time.

Respect to Moon Magic.

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