Natural Law #269

Natural Law

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility 
for your own growth and evolution.
I honour the ancestors, All my relations, All is One.

October Greetings Everyone,

Natural Law

How did you go last month? The Moon of Challenge was just that, however if traversed with courage and integrity, you will have chosen to change how you respond to certain things, remembering open and expansive ways of being, which serve to affirm your Oneness with yourself and all of life. Good on you!

A keyword for October is ‘Service’. In the first half of the month, ask yourself “how can I best serve?” Think laterally and creatively when exploring these questions and apply great respect to this process. Is your ‘service’ for the greater good? Is your ‘service’ safe for all life forms? This active flowering process requires courage to accept your passion, and will instil much inner peace if you’re honest with yourself. Persevere with grace and innocence – this is possible when you recognise and accept your inner-passion and choose to serve from this place.

Particularly until mid-October, be of more service to your loved ones, and also contemplate how you may best serve. Go about your day gracefully, explore the extraordinary, look into things more deeply and follow your curiosity to discover other worlds. This is a time to be wise and humble - think cool, calm and collected. This is also a time to put your hands to good use in order to produce and accomplish. Focus on what you can achieve with your hands, and if you need support, be assertive in asking for a hand.

The second half of October relates to the form your service will take. Open up to the ways of your ancestors to support this process and remember to consider how it will apply universally (the adage ‘think global, act local’ is appropriate here). Do not fear yourself or your ideas, “for the times they are a’changin’” and now is the moment for you to live and share your true passion, that is, your gift. Trust yourself and choose to see the truth lying in the shadows that may be easy to ignore. Have the guts to speak from your heart gently and clearly. What do you feel compelled to do? Go for it. Your intuition knows when to take action and when to rest – this is the secret to your success right now, so listen to your inner-voice.

Do not confuse intelligence with wisdom – the latter comes from within and cannot be gained from studying books or academia. Your rational brain has its uses but allow your intuitive side to lead you through this One.

Mayan author and speaker Carl Calleman has proposed the end of the Mayan calendar will occur on October 28, 2011 (rather than the well known December 21, 2012 date). I feel both dates are important: the Summer Solstice in 2012 marks a harmonious cosmic alignment, which will likely provide a powerful energy of its own. In addition, I certainly feel we are currently in an unprecedented cycle of transformation and rebirth of which the end of October 2011 could mark a turning point of some kind.

So, remain tuned-in to yourself and persevere on your journey of positive growth, breaking old patterns of relating that no longer serve you or those around you. The rewards for this kind of journey are not material they are felt and experienced within and bring with them a sense of inner-peace, balance and contentment – priceless. You have all you need for this journey within you...good luck.

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