Natural Law #270

Natural Law

I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility for your own growth and evolution.
I honour the ancestors, All my relations, All is One.

Welcome to November Everyone,

Natural Law

A fruit tree adapts to its continuously changing and sometimes challenging environment in order to give itself the best possible chance to fulfil its highest creative potential - to bear luscious, healthy and abundant fruit. The size and quality of the actual yield will depend on the internal and external conditions, including the fruit trees’ inner-strength, wellbeing and ability to adapt, and externally, any extremes in weather, for example.

This year has been particularly intense, and you have experienced a rapidly shifting internal and external environment and have been presented with great changes that have challenged your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This process was like a collapse and disintegration of some key things/people/situations/perceptions of self/values and truths, that you felt a sense of ‘safety’ and ‘comfort’ in – but just because it is, doesn’t mean that it should be. These changes are necessary for your growth, nothing was off-limits and you have been challenged to the core of yourself, and perhaps questioned or even shattered certain perceptions of who you thought you were. This is the very place we needed to go, and it can be an uncomfortable place to sit...

All for a greater purpose of course. Now is the time to focus your energy and concentrate on what is in front of you, as great progress can be made now. This may involve a significant ‘letting go’ of something or someone to which you have an emotional attachment – those which result in an experience of constriction, limitation and narrow perceptions. If you feel this relates to you, but still feel unsure, the result of this ‘letting go’ will facilitate your expansion and ability to see and feel the bigger picture – spiritual growth and life benefits will result! Timing is essential in this process – the wise Owl knows when to act and when to wait, when to be gentle and when to use force, let your heart lead the way and you’ll be fine.

Listening and leading with the heart should be easier for us now. The challenges of late have been designed to break down our ‘tough’ exteriors, the walls of protection that we build around us to cover and hide the vulnerable, innocent, gentle and honest creatures that we are. It is time for us to soften more deeply into ourselves and in doing so, to direct a greater level of love, gentleness and compassion into ourselves. The way that we are towards ourselves is of direct relevance and consequence to how we are able to be with others. So tend to the metaphoric garden-of-self, do your weeding, plant new seeds and get pruning. Remember to treat with respect whatever you let go of - your tough exterior, walls of protection and dysfunctional ways of relating - these are your waste materials, the dead leaves and branches and just like compost, when let go, these will break down and provide rich fertiliser to support your new growth.

During the first half of November let go of usual resistance, be courageous and go on an adventure. Loosen up and allow yourself to explore the world freely. The second half of November is about building bridges and death – sometimes in order to cross a bridge into new and unexplored pastures, we must first allow something to die. Let go of whatever or whoever resists you moving forward into new worlds and restore equality and balance to your life.


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