Natural Law #271

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge this cosmic cycle as a catalyst for major change.
I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility 
for creating everything you experience. I honour the ancestors. 
You are all my relations. All is One.

Greetings Everyone,

December is upon us and the Year 2011 nears a close. As we approach that completion, it is important to be aware that we – you and I – are on the verge of major change and transition regarding our direction, service and the way we express our purpose. Expect a key shift in your priorities – you have reached the end of your current road and it is time to make a choice, a decision, as to which road you are now taking...

From December 1-12 find your own power and trust in the ideas that come to you. This will be two weeks of change and disruption – a metaphoric ‘storm’ to blow away unwanted things, that have been previously difficult to let go of. It will also be a period of review where you are invited to examine where you are in life, what you have already changed this year and what ideas you have. So allow the winds of change into your life and make those important changes – it may feel scary, but it’s the only way to progress forward. This is a catalyst period – expect big change that will be remembered for a while. Rest assured that these are changes you require - so you can generate the energy you need to progress forward.

During this time you may feel exhausted, confused, emotional and develop flu-like symptoms, if this is you, FOCUS on moving forward and refrain from getting stuck in your old story. 2012 is a year for breakthrough, freedom and personal change and now is the time to set in motion: your new direction, new goals and new purpose.

From December 13-31 there is an energy shift from the chaos of the ‘storm’ into a sense of creating: order, balance, harmony, equality and space. During this time, be open to receiving guidance and messages and be sure to share the revelations you receive – this is very important. It’s time to take bold steps into your future – some things desperately need to change, find new solutions to old challenges. Complementing this ‘order’ is one of only two 10-day portal looms running from 25/12-3/1. In the Mayan Tzolkin Calender, a portal day contains potential for; heightened energies, amplified awareness and sensory experience, and greater opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights. Portal days activate dormant potential and transformation, so make the most of this unusual 10-day energy ‘boost’ over Christmas and New Year.

This ‘portal loom’ intensity heightens your instincts and supports you to make the life changes that need to occur during this time. The message is to shed your old skin and emerge renewed and healed. Transmute your fear and enter the new year in a truly resolved way.

Other cosmic influences at this time support you to organise things well and to feel a heightened sense of everything that’s going on around you. You may also experience a better ability to adapt to your environment, noticing how you’re able to blend in, lay low or even appear to go unnoticed. Dreams are important during this period, make time to reflect and review a dream if it feels significant, as it contains important messages and guidance for you.

Above all else, strive for balance, order, harmony and space.

The world will tell you who you are - until you tell the world.


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