Natural Law #272

Natural Law with Helene Collard

I acknowledge this cosmic cycle as a catalyst for major change.


I acknowledge you as a self-sovereign being with responsibility for creating everything you experience. I honour the ancestors. 
You are all my relations. All is One.

Chad Morgan

Galactic greetings and happy new year.

For newbies to the VJ, Natural Law is intended to offer support through the unprecedented changes occurring on all levels: personally; locally; nationally; globally; cosmically – universally. Natural Law is informed by the Mayan Lunar and Tzolkin Calenders. So let’s see what’s happening in February.

The beginning of February is INTENSE with the second 10-day sequence of galactic activation days (there’s only 2 in the calendar). This powerful cycle will either be chaos, or, you can choose to consciously target what needs to be sorted and make the big changes required in your life.

These activation days bring heightened energies, greater awareness and sensory experience and, an increased opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights. This energy continues to support your life changes and dramatic events are more possible too.

Moon 8 of the Mayan Lunar Calender begins on 7 February (to 6 March). The totem for this moon is the Hawk. Expect an increase in all forms of messages and communication during this Moon (e.g. talks; dreams; contracts; emails; phone; radio, animal etc). Also trust your judgement and intuition – even if the outcome isn’t what you normally would do.

The number 8 compliments the Hawk energy, with the qualities of harmony and integrity. Strive for more harmony; think, speak and act with integrity, and see the big picture in what’s happening within and around you.

On 14 February we begin a new 52-day Castle in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, which can be likened to a shift in season. The overarching theme for this ‘season’ is GIVING: to yourself and others; and giving something important a chance to happen, (like a new arrangement or circumstance). From 14-26 February we are asked to focus on our personal growth. You are here for a purpose - you are here to reach your highest potential. To do this, you need to be strong and healthy: in body; mind; and spirit. Use these 13-days to get back on track with any area that may need a boost. HINT: Identify the area that needs a boost (e.g. body, mind, spirit) and then DO WHAT BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO THE EARTH.

February offers a high concentration of energy that is focused on birthing something very new. The best advice is to go with the flow – resisting the natural flow will be disastrous for your: health and wellbeing; relationships and otherwise. This may mean surprising yourself with the decisions you make and the perspectives you take.

Consider: just because it is (or has been), doesn’t mean that it should be that way, or that it can’t work another way.

You are the authority on what you have experienced. No one and no thing can heal you, it is you who chooses to heal.

A clip of interest:

2012: A Year of Power

Stand tall and go forward.


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