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“Soul of the jungle, heart of the sun Run wild-cat, run” Rob Bruce’s Tanglefoot

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

“Soul of the jungle, heart of the sun Run wild-cat, run”  Rob Bruce’s Tanglefoot

Running into Rob Bruce means talking about Arabian horses; his journeys through Latin America, and then promptly purchasing his CDs. I have three of them, but Tanglefoot is my favourite.  Tanglefoot is dedicated to the sacred medicine of the four winds, Achuma, and to Hikuri, the Little Deer of The Huichol. A beautifully interwoven guitar-n-vocal set of bluesy-folk songs, Tanglefoot drifts into the Northern Rivers’ landscape while caressing you with the mysteries of Central and South America.  I think that’s what I like most about this album, it keeps you guessing. Is Rob Bruce talking about ‘here’, or ‘there’? Now he is singing about our beloved Channon. Oh, wait a minute, no; it’s Shenandoah, the fields of Shenandoah. 


"I'm Just a Little Bit Lonely... For the Jezabels"

Village Journal 310


While living in Darwin, part of the reason I enjoyed grabbing a DVD from the store in Nightcliff was due to them always playing the Mace Spray film clip. This is where my love for the Jezabels began; it was a sound that would steal my heart. When I moved down to Bruns- wick Heads I was excited to hear that the two ladies from the Sydney band actually hail from Byron Shire. In fact, a friend overheard one of the lady’s fathers, in his Scottish accent, merrily boasting of his daughter’s success in the band. Lead songstress Hayley Mary, and keyboardist Heather Shannon, have been on quite a ride since.



“Sonic Bliss” World Music with Ren Waterfall

By Ian Browne

“Sonic Bliss” World Music with Ren Waterfall

During the Lantern Parade in Lismore, Ren Waterfall was busy within Rognvalds Lith Viking Encampment adjacent the Oakes Oval, playing medieval tunes with musicians Leif Larkin during the lunch feast, and Gerard Lynam during their dinner feast. During the afternoon he joined Orkeztar Lizmore for two performances that included locally written arrangements by Jude Magee and Mark Bromley.


I caught up with Ren after his usual Sunday morning gig at the relaxing and colourfully inviting Phoenix Rising Café, situated by the creek at the Nimbin Bush Theatre. Alongside local musicians Gerard, Laya, Rainer, Steve, Deborah, Raine, Kavi, Yolanda, Katrina, and many others... a diverse mix of enchanting world music, influenced from such places as India, the Middle East and from throughout Europe is presented.


Songs from the Sea CC THE CAT By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Songs from the Sea CC THE CAT By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Influenced by the dazzling coastal waterways of the Gold Coast region, CC THE CAT’s second full length album is a reflective ambience for all occasions. This tranquil yet tantalising collection of reggae-soul pays tribute to the heart’s perils and paradisiacal palpitations. Kindly-charismatic, writer and singer ‘CC-Claire Cottone’ walks the convergence zone between indie-alternative and mainstream worlds with ease. This CD is as much at home on commercial radio as it is on Bay FM or 4ZZZ, and it is always beautiful to see fans and friends pitching in to support the lifeline of a band with the contemporary success of crowd-funding. 


Sink yourself within sonic seduction…welcome to the Cocteau Twins with ‘Milk & Kisses’ By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Village Journal #307

Sink yourself within sonic seduction…welcome to the Cocteau Twins with ‘Milk & Kisses’  By Ian Browne Shamrock News

What, you’ve never heard of the Cocteau Twins? Or perhaps you left them to the forgotten 4AD Goth days? Have you ever pondered the origins of the sweet voice within Massive Attack’s Teardrop? Sensibly; ultimately-nurturing, they kissed the ether with more albums that tranquilised the corrupted days of empty fear and workplace tensions till 1996 with their final album Milk & Kisses. So let’s begin from there shall we, at the end. 





NIYAZ and their singer AZAM ALI - Portals of Grace: modern- Middle Eastern, soothing and addictive, Azam can sing for me anytime. An urban fusion of dance beats are hidden within the ancient sounds and desert lands melody of NIYAZ. Azam Ali is dedicated to historical folk with a variety of styles from Middle Ages-Europe, down to the arid

lands of the Middle East, with wavering, hovering notes that send you deep into time’s echo of wisdom. I would love to produce a film clip here in northern NSW for NIYAZ. I fell for peaceful Middle Eastern sounds with The Cure’s eighties laments, and I am listening to ‘The Kiss’ as we speak. My friend Steve Holt, along with two other produc- ers, delivered a rainforest audio doco I wrote and narrated a few years back, and his ‘oud’ features within.

NIYAZ and AZAM ALI - wicked tunes, beautiful, and yes, seductive..... 

Ian Browne

LOA With her ‘Feet on the Ground’



And I’m glad they are, as I wouldn’t have met her in Lismore otherwise. It was a meeting of the mind and soul that we both agreed was beneficial to us both. In fact, LOA it might be, but that is her middle name. Tis Nicole Loa Walters: AKA Nikkie McJungles, and she hails from the steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea. An interesting lady, she has also spent part of her life in Hong Kong. Luckily for us, she calls our neck of the woods home now too.


The lady, a piano; her devotion Lisa King Light By

To my Northern Rivers letterbox the CD arrived. Lisa is a friend of a friend, a Wollongong talisman. I first heard Tina Arena sharing the keyboard with Megan Washington; I was too busy drifting within its subjugated ease to notice any religious message. Okay, songs of praise may not be the usual accompaniment to my musical safari, and perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but while we are talking ‘chai’ who knows what Hindi wisdoms fall into my ears with the trancey Indian sounds I love so much. In a part of the world, where in many respects Lord Krishna or Buddha are a more desirable appetence, at first glance this message may seem hard to sell beyond the Christian community. “Not so!”… Lisa King is a Triple J ‘Unearthed’ talent and has been shortlisted for the Tamworth Music Festival. Her message transcends religion; it is about care and respect.

Her appeal crosses all borders; her music is far too beautiful not to.

Lisa has a somewhat sombre yet seductively melodic voice that sooths the days end with a gentle hug. The 2nd song on Light, Constant begins with a hippy-folk feel. She draws out subtle, hollering notes with the journeying of piano, singing her undying love to the Lord of all… “You’re my constant.” I like how the piano within ‘You won’t let me go’ tumbles in, whilst ‘I will lift your name’ begins like the curtain raiser to a film classic, perhaps a Jane Campion drama. “I will rest in you, I will lift your name and I will lift you high”…honourable sentiments. This is a 5-track CD you know you will search out once again. It will give you goose bumps; make you blush at bitter, corrosive thoughts you may harbour towards others. It is a moment put aside to find inner peace and honour to a higher, protective purpose. It will feather many, like me, not overly religious, yet who definitely identify with the inner beauty of humility.


 Lisa King may be a friend of a friend, but I would like very much to meet this talented, gentle person; gather in her thoughts and desires before the world snaps her up, and her word becomes known to us all…..LIGHT.

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