Film Review - "The Hunger Games" #274

Film Review - The Hunger Games

My god-daughter Miranda Jordan and I went to the midnight session of the opening of The Hunger Games on Wednesday 21st March in Lismore. I loved the film, knowing nothing about the storyline at all, but Mira has read the books and here’s what the 13 year old had to say:

H: “Miranda, for those people who don’t know a thing about it, in a nutshell, what is the storyline, without giving it away too much.”

M: “Ok, well it’s set in the future. There’s 13 districts and the capitol. They had a revolution in the dark days, and the 13th district didn’t want to behave or follow the capitol, so they blew it up and as a reminder and punishment for that they have the Hunger Games. This is where a girl and a boy between the age of 12 to 18, is selected once a year to fight in an outdoor arena until there is only one left alive. They are crowned the victor and get wealth and food and stuff, so for district 12 which is a poor district, then winning is a big thing.”

H: “So, there’s 12 districts, and there’s two kids from each district so it’s a battle of 24 kids with only one winner. Is that right?”

M: “Yes. There’s also a slight twist, where every 25 years they have something different, like on the 50th anniversary they put twice as many Tributes in, Tributes being the chosen children.”

H: “So how do the think the film compared to the book?”

M: “I actually thought that there were a couple of things that they cut out but you can’t have a book turned into a movie exactly spot on because it would be too long, but they did an excellent job of doing it by the book, it was 98% done by the book.”

H: “And so you liked it of course?”

M: “I loved it, I thought it was amazingly well done and I sort of expected it to be more like a teenage Twilight or Abduction or something like that but it was actually really well done with all the photography and the music and the costume designing. Oh my God, the team of costume designers were amazing and it was done with real quality.”

H: “And so it went for about 2 and a half hours, how did you feel about that?”

M: “I think it was a pretty good length. They crammed a lot in but in the book it’s pretty action packed anyway. If they’re going to do the other two books, I don’t know how they’re going to fit it all in to three films, they’ll prbably have to make four films out of it.”

H: “And so, did you have a favourite part of the film that you really enjoyed most?”

M: “My favourite part is always in the books and the movie, I have two bits, in the beginning with Gael when they’re hunting, because I’m a very bush person and I love that sort of thing, and also the bit where she is hanging out with Rue, the little girl who she teams up with, because I just love Rue, and how she climbs trees.”

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