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Letter to the Editor - Peter Recher

Village Journal 310


Dear Ed

Two signs 20 meters down my driveway and fleetingly observable from Dunoon Rd have been stolen. In the sum total of statistical prob- ability this was done by a local and again based on probability a young male. One sign was a heart shaped cut out with Lot 69 printed and the other a triangular metal sign with bullet holes and the outline of a kangaroo given to me by a now deceased friend. If anyone has espied either of these signs would they please take the correct moral action?

Treefully, Paul Recher

Does King Kong eat kang kong while playing ping pong in Hong Kong? 

Editorial #310

Village Journal


Hello and welcome to another Village Journal – September 2015.

This month we had planned to unveil the new Village Journal masthead but sadly due to ill health this has been post- poned until next month but for now I’ll let you all in on a little secret.

The artwork that we commissioned has been designed by our good friend and long-time supporter of the VJ; local artist and environmentalist Carolyn Russell. The suspense is nearly killing us as a lot of time and effort has gone into the rebranding of the VJ while taking into consideration and maintain- ing its local significance. Stay tuned for next month’s masthead - it will be a beauty.

Speaking of great artists and environ- mentalists; in this month’s edition we also feature an interview with another local icon; environmentalist and activ- ist - Benny Zable who has been taking his special brand of rabble raising to the US of A. Also in this edition we have the latest updates from the team
at Getup, the Greens, and the Friends
of the Koalas; the crew at WIRES, and we will take a trip into the past with ‘perspectives from the VJ’, which looks at the early VJs and life in this area in the 1980s.

In fact this month’s VJ is jam packed with a whole host of interest- ing, entertaining and informative pieces.

So get in to it!

Freedom Vivian 

Response to John #306


Thanks John for the typo heads up.

Unfortunately there are a couple of ‘Village Journals’ on the web in Haille Plantation and Gainsville Florida – both are a bit weird and I could image it would be a tad confusing if you ended up @ thevillagejournal and not at

So, remember that people; it’s the one with no ‘the’ and with the letters .au for Australia at the end of it.

Now that we have that sorted the other issue of rain fall details may or may not be so easy. See, the issue was that I as Editor was spending too much time calling or contacting people for their contributions and so after a while I decided to follow the path of least resistance and so now the VJ is slowly morphing into a community publication. So if I get the rainfall sent to me or text or rung in I can do the section.

So for the rain catchers please contact Freedom with your numbers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Advertising Person 

The Village Journal seeks someone to help obtaining new advertising for future editions.

Remuneration is on a commission basis. 

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Confidence and Vibrance to represent the VJ to potential advertisers
  • Ability to build and maintain customer      relations
  • The capacity to work autonomously as well as be a team player.
  • The organisation to work to a deadline
  • Must be computer literate or prepared to learn fast

If you think you may have these skills and more contact the editor