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#301 - Lyn Evans

Village Journal

Dear Editor,

Thanks for replying (Letters, VJ Oct) and finding quotations from others. We look to have different view points and reasons for living. Your god seems to be 'nature' itself, my God is the invisible God of the Bible. If you would care to watch This Is My Day on you will see my invisible God's power to heal and save - you may have to scroll down and look for previous video highlights of the miracle crusades that occur every now and then, there was one on 6th Oct. But my God's son has already come to earth 2000 years ago in the person of Jesus Christ showing us what this invisible God is like and some people didn't believe him then even though they saw and heard the miracles he did as recorded in the 4 Gospels, so that is the way the world is, some believe and some don't.

#301 - Phillip Clark

Village Journal

Dear Editor,

Well, well, well – didn't you stir up the deniers then. 

It always interests me that the first thing that people shout about with regards to the present government is how they are rescuing us from the perils of bankruptcy and imminent financial collapse. 

Now if you take your blinkers off and have a look at the facts, Australia has the third lowest debt in the OECD at 12.5% of GDP. As a country we have not exceeded a debt level of 20% of GDP since 1983. I would also like to add the small fact that we have had a continual average growth rate of 3.2% since 1994. 


Editorial - 313

Another year almost over….where does time go? And why does it feel like everything is speeding up?


Time - like a lot of ‘realities’ is more of an illusion based on our own focus and perspective.

Like most of you I’m sure, I hold childhood memories of school holidays that went on forever, I’ve certainly lost myself and any concept of time in a kiss and even had time stand still for what felt like an eternity when I was reeling in shock at the death of a loved one.

Obviously these are big things but even just the everyday moments of waiting for buses or waiting to hear if you got the job or if they love you back, waiting for results – time seems to take forever.

So on one hand it feels as though time is fleeting and we don’t have enough time and yet we hold the power to stop time by consciously choosing what we focus on.

Xmas time gets particularly hectic with everyone shopping like mad things, doing pre Xmas drinks, work functions and then there’s the school end of year performances and carols and then the day itself getting up at dawn to continue the food preparation you started the night before Xmas day going from one set of parents to the others. Oh it’s all so festive - all so relaxing…… (Sarcasm alert).

So this Xmas I have made a choice. I can either continue to speed through the days, the years, counting down 1 year at a time or I can choose to slow it all down and focus on what really matters. By focusing on my family, my tribe, my home and myself I’m going to give my loved ones the gift of presence – actually being present. No TV or checking my emails or Facebook this holiday break. No rushing anywhere. Saying no, more than yes – other than to chocolate of course. Who knows I might even swim at the beach all day or search for sea shells for hours with the kids and have fish and chips made by someone else for xmas dinner this year.

I hope you will all join me in relaxing this year, have a break, and enjoy your friends and family this xmas.


Editorial VJ #300

Editorial VJ #300

Dear VJ readers.

Welcome to our 300th Edition of the Village Journal.  Since its conception in 1987 the Village Journal has been a constant and reliable source of information, providing links and promoting a sense of community to those living and working in the local area. After 27 years we are still, as they say; ‘alive and kicking’.

Working for a grassroots publication like The Village Journal is never an easy job. There is never enough time or money, so it goes without saying it has its ups and downs and fair share of frustrations but above all it is a richly rewarding experience. As we look toward the future at the VJ I would like to take this opportunity to look briefly to the past and to take a few moments to thank a few people. I don’t want to start naming everyone because not only would I be here all day but undoubtedly I would still have forgotten someone. Many people have made The Village Journal what it is.  Firstly we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those people who have written articles over the years, to those who have snapped and sent photos, to those who have donated and those who got stuck in getting their hands dirty. You know who you are - I’m talking about previous editors, volunteers and staff. 

Let us not forget all those RCI members’ former and present including our esteemed President Joan Davies and her husband Alan, for doing all the ‘behind the scene work’ and the less glamorous aspects of The VJ such as keeping the t’s crossed and i’s dotted and checks signed.

Of course – our huge heartfelt thanks has to go to Garth and Lydia Kindred, a formidable force of a couple. Lydia in particular has been the ‘fairy Godmother’ of the Village Journal for many moons and hopefully many more. 

From all of the Editors I say; your involvement and generosity is so very much appreciated and if it wasn’t for your input and effort we wouldn’t be here today.

 So thank you and I hope you will all enjoy the 300th Edition of The Village Journal.


– Freedom

Response - CSG 312

Dear Editor 

For a long time this publication has provided information on the fight against CSG in the area so I am disappointed that in this latest edition you printed about Adam Guise calling for Thomas George's resignation due to his failure to buyback PEL445, but on the same day Adam sprouted this Thomas George did announce the successful buyback.  

So why wouldn't you want this great news known throughout the community, since this is what they have been fighting for?



Dear Bronwyn,

The VJ is a small publication that doesn’t have the resources available to a mainstream publication – sometimes we miss things. There was no ulterior motive. Ed.

See CSG Timeline in this edition for an interesting overview.



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