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Response - New Weed in Town 312

 The article on Ochna serrulata declaring it to be a threatening weed species is absurd, anthro-centric, and unscientific. What and how is it threatening? It surely isn’t harming the fauna. As the author states fructivores feed on it. Does the author believe the native fructivores want it eliminated? As stated previously no shrub or tree in our region is or has ever been a threat to biodiversity. Quite the opposite, Ochna as it is with other tree and shrub species adds to the biodiversity. Literally, after 38 years developing Fruit Spirit from bare paddocks to verdant jungle, the number of Ochna has hardly changed on both rhyolite and basalt soils on 32 hectares Ochna, as it is with 99.9% of naturalized exotic species does not invade mature intact wet sclerophyll or rainforest. Please delineate ergo be specific as to how ochna is a threat to anything? I suspect the author’s facile logic goes like this. Why is it a weed? Because it’s threatening. Why is it threatening? Because it’s a weed.

Every day is a great day because it’s an opportunity to learn something new.


Fruitfully, Paul Recher

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