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Editorial - 312

Village Journal

It seems it’s “that” time of year – again, the ‘Christmas season’ (no longer content with it being just one day it’s now a whole season).  I had a surreal moment in the supermarket the other day when I looked to the left of me and saw cheap and tacky plastic crap on sale for Halloween and then when I turned to the right I saw cheap and tacky plastic crap on sale for Christmas! At the time my body actually had an immediate physiological reaction which in turn created a spontaneous physical movement. Granted it probably looked like a grown woman doing interpretive dance whilst making some primeval groaning sound but it was actually her body and soul momentarily collapsing under the pressure of modern life in aisle 6. The sound that emanated from the depths of my very being wasn’t exactly a word but it sounded like “eeuugh”. This was followed by a more clarified and slightly more dignified; “No I do not have the energy for this consumeristic crap anymore”. As my seven year old looked on horrified I pronounced to anyone within ear shot that; ‘NO, uh huh I am just not doing it anymore’.

And I mean it. No more Xmas at my house. No more counting the days down, no more rushing around last minute trying to buy ‘thoughtful’ gifts. Just no more Christmas induced frenzy.

But as my good friend said –“that’s OK for you because you’re not a Christian”.

That’s right Christmas is a religious holiday…. Don’t let your own religious beliefs be marketed and sold back to you under the guise of goodwill and giving.

If “Christmas as part of religion” is your excuse to go out and consume like crazy, remember ‘Christ’ was NOT a Christian and he certainly did not practice consumerism as a form of religion. Stop and consider - do you really think that our version of ‘Christmas’ was the message Jesus intended?

“All people are created equal but privileged first world people are created more equal than others and to honour me you must buy more overpriced, useless, plastic junk to give to those who already have one of everything and forget those other less fortunate people over there”?

No, I’m pretty sure he did not. To paraphrase Jesus - he said feed and house the poor, be a nice person and love the outcasts.

This coming Christmas my challenge to you all is: instead of partaking in obedient and mindless consumerism ‘because it’s Christmas’ instead just stop and think before you spend – think of the less fortunate, the environment and the future. And for our Christian friends ask yourself WWJD?

Freedom Vivian


VJ 311

Spring is finally here and so is the October Village Journal featuring the new and improved masthead! Hallelujah! Proving some things in life are worth waiting for, local artist Carolyn Russell has delivered the goods and then some. Finally the artwork is complete and the verdict is in –the VJ team all agree that the new masthead looks awesome. And even more than that, as it was designed specifically for the VJ by a local resident, artist and environmentalist with input from the VJ team it really captures the essence of the VJ. This project took a lot longer than originally anticipated with a number of design briefings with Carolyn taking place.  Everyone had different ideas about the ultimate VJ ‘look’ and coming from three different generations, getting us to all agree on one thing is no mean feat in itself.

From environmental activism to art, to the stars and fine wine – this month’s Village Journal has got life in the Rainbow Region covered and features an article on the art of Carolyn Russell in which Carolyn explains the cultural significance of the features and iconic imagery from our little piece of paradise being represented in the VJ masthead. 

Speaking of paradise – the battle continues to protect our beautiful, fragile ecosystems and its inhabitants from those who only see $$$ when they look at Northern NSW. That’s right, the State Government, the big mining companies and developer’s vs nature. We need to stand vigilant and be pro-active, because if we don’t stand up to those with ‘financial interests’ and protect this area and all those living within it – who will? 

I believe we have a moral obligation to protect those littler and weaker than ourselves. See the article New Deal for Nature and please get on the computer and add your name and sign the New Deal for Nature. The bottom line is – we chose to live in this area, amongst nature, in part because we realise - we ARE nature.


Freedom Vivian

Editorial #310

Village Journal


Hello and welcome to another Village Journal – September 2015.

This month we had planned to unveil the new Village Journal masthead but sadly due to ill health this has been post- poned until next month but for now I’ll let you all in on a little secret.

The artwork that we commissioned has been designed by our good friend and long-time supporter of the VJ; local artist and environmentalist Carolyn Russell. The suspense is nearly killing us as a lot of time and effort has gone into the rebranding of the VJ while taking into consideration and maintain- ing its local significance. Stay tuned for next month’s masthead - it will be a beauty.

Speaking of great artists and environ- mentalists; in this month’s edition we also feature an interview with another local icon; environmentalist and activ- ist - Benny Zable who has been taking his special brand of rabble raising to the US of A. Also in this edition we have the latest updates from the team
at Getup, the Greens, and the Friends
of the Koalas; the crew at WIRES, and we will take a trip into the past with ‘perspectives from the VJ’, which looks at the early VJs and life in this area in the 1980s.

In fact this month’s VJ is jam packed with a whole host of interest- ing, entertaining and informative pieces.

So get in to it!

Freedom Vivian 

Editorial #309

Change is a coming!

Every time I watch the news or glimpse a headline lately it occurs to me what a strange time we are living through. We are at the dawning of a new age and living through the time of the great divide. All around the world there seems to be definite signs of a changing of the guards occurring as old and dominant power structures and systems begin to collapse.


Editorial #308

Hello there lovely people of the Byron Hinterland. 

As you should all be aware by now there are changes happening to The Village Journal. 

The main change will be the way we distribute the VJ. So from next month’s edition the VJ will no longer be hand delivered to letter boxes. 

Instead all copies will be available free in your local cafes, stores and some post offices and it will be a first in, first served basis. We will do our very best to minimise any disruption to readers. However to get this process ‘just right’ may take us a little while. It’s all about ratios you see. Getting the ratios right. Because at this stage we really don’t know just how many copies are needed in Mullum or Byron or Bangalow etc., so its trial and error. 

Why the change? 


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Advertising Person 

The Village Journal seeks someone to help obtaining new advertising for future editions.

Remuneration is on a commission basis. 

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Confidence and Vibrance to represent the VJ to potential advertisers
  • Ability to build and maintain customer      relations
  • The capacity to work autonomously as well as be a team player.
  • The organisation to work to a deadline
  • Must be computer literate or prepared to learn fast

If you think you may have these skills and more contact the editor