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Editorial VJ #300

Editorial VJ #300

Dear VJ readers.

Welcome to our 300th Edition of the Village Journal.  Since its conception in 1987 the Village Journal has been a constant and reliable source of information, providing links and promoting a sense of community to those living and working in the local area. After 27 years we are still, as they say; ‘alive and kicking’.

Working for a grassroots publication like The Village Journal is never an easy job. There is never enough time or money, so it goes without saying it has its ups and downs and fair share of frustrations but above all it is a richly rewarding experience. As we look toward the future at the VJ I would like to take this opportunity to look briefly to the past and to take a few moments to thank a few people. I don’t want to start naming everyone because not only would I be here all day but undoubtedly I would still have forgotten someone. Many people have made The Village Journal what it is.  Firstly we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those people who have written articles over the years, to those who have snapped and sent photos, to those who have donated and those who got stuck in getting their hands dirty. You know who you are - I’m talking about previous editors, volunteers and staff. 

Let us not forget all those RCI members’ former and present including our esteemed President Joan Davies and her husband Alan, for doing all the ‘behind the scene work’ and the less glamorous aspects of The VJ such as keeping the t’s crossed and i’s dotted and checks signed.

Of course – our huge heartfelt thanks has to go to Garth and Lydia Kindred, a formidable force of a couple. Lydia in particular has been the ‘fairy Godmother’ of the Village Journal for many moons and hopefully many more. 

From all of the Editors I say; your involvement and generosity is so very much appreciated and if it wasn’t for your input and effort we wouldn’t be here today.

 So thank you and I hope you will all enjoy the 300th Edition of The Village Journal.


– Freedom

Fresh Blood Required #270

Fresh Blood Required

Are you community minded? Passionate about our local area and slightly educated?

The VJ needs you!

I’m putting out a call for more energy and blood into the VJ team. Below is an overview of all the VJ production roles. We chiefly need an new Editor, all the other roles are filled, but any expressions of interest for assistance in the VJ production will be appreciated.

VJ Needs fresh blood

VJ Editor

Computer Savvy. Slightly mad.
Actively seek contributions from the VJ community
Engage the community
Coordinate the production crew. Lion Taming experience preferred.
Need computer programs such as Word, Excel & Acrobat Pro

VJ Layout / Design

Design, typeset and produce the VJ ready for printing.
Design new ads
Need computer programs such as Indesign, Photoshop, Excel, Word.

VJ Accounts

Manage the financial affairs of the VJ.
Monthly & yearly profit and losses.
Create new invoices, Chase VJ debtors and pay the VJ team.
Need computer program such as MYOB.

VJ Webmaster

To create all html files and upload them onto the VJ website. 
Need computer program eg Dreamweaver

VJ Advertising Agent

Base rate plus commission of new ads
Actively seek new advertisers.

VJ Lismore/Bangalow Distribution

To pick up VJ’s from printer and distribute around Lismore & Bangalow.
Prepare mail for posting out VJs. 
Need transport to and around Lismore / Bangalow.

If you are interested in any of these posibtions ple`ase email an expression of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Inside Scoop! #270


Only joking!

The Village journal is a voice for the community whom we serve. A not-for-profit enterprise, we are not about making money, but performing an important role. The role of a community communications tool. Informing people about what’s going on locally.

About 5 years ago, Julian & I answered the Editors plea to create a website for The Village Journal. We’d moved to this area and created a home business (Websmiths). When we saw that The Village Journal needed a website, we saw it would be a brilliant opportunity to get to know and to become known in the local community.

Julian ended up making a fantastic website ( and I upload all the html files each month.

Chris resigned from Layout and Accounts so I took on the layout, and dragged Alicia into doing the accounts.

Alicia resigned from the accounts after almost year and so I ended up taking over the Accounts for her.

Garth & Lydia resigned from being Editor about 2 years ago and the wonderful Llyr took on the role. Now, with Llyr’s resignation, which I was very reluctant to accept, I am now Acting Editor for this issue.

So now, I do Website, Layout, Accounts and Acting Editorship.

So, that brings you up to today…

I swear I never intended it to be this way. It’s funny, as my name is Vanessa Joan and I do the VJ! Also, my husband’s name is Julian. Another VJism. Nethertheless, this is not the way the VJ should be run. It’s a community rag, and will achieve it’s best with community energy, not one person doing the majority of it.

The thing is that I love the VJ. I believe in the valuable job that it does in our community. I think it could be so much better, even more wonderful than it is today. The VJ needs new excitement and new blood in order to live to its full potential.

So I’m putting out the call, manifesting a new team. I’m not sure what my future is within the VJ. I love it. I’m not giving notice, but if there are some people out there that would like to do any of the roles, I’d love to hear from you.

We definately need a new Editor, all other roles I’ll be interested in hearing from other people who want to become involved.

Please see these job descriptions. Maybe one of them fits you? If so, then please do write in and let us know your interest and qualifications. All positions attract a small remuneration, but it’s not really about the money, is it?

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Advertising Person 

The Village Journal seeks someone to help obtaining new advertising for future editions.

Remuneration is on a commission basis. 

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Confidence and Vibrance to represent the VJ to potential advertisers
  • Ability to build and maintain customer      relations
  • The capacity to work autonomously as well as be a team player.
  • The organisation to work to a deadline
  • Must be computer literate or prepared to learn fast

If you think you may have these skills and more contact the editor