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Editorial #307

Village Journal


Hello and welcome to another edition of the Village Journal – June 2015

This edition marks my first anniversary as Editor at the VJ and I wish to take this opportunity to thank those advertisers who regularly adver- tise with the VJ and pay on time – you are our life blood and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Why am I gushing at advertisers you wonder? Well you see one of the main ongoing problems we have here at The VJ is that of outstanding ‘bad debt’. Basically, this has occurred when we have run ads for individuals/businesses who haven’t paid up for that service. While we have been writing it off incrementally each month it’s just not fair and it is far too big of a financial burden for a community owned and run publication to bear. We simply cannot afford to be owed thousands of dollars in unpaid advertising dollars and we aren’t really in a position to be continually chasing money. So I publicly call on everyone who has ever run an ad in the VJ to check your financial records.

Do you owe the VJ money? Do you know someone who may have forgotten they do?

The VJ has the potential to keep on going for another 28 years but only if we as a community want to have a VJ. To do that we need to get paid what we are owed. Believe me I don’t want to publish our bed debtors list or name and shame people, nor do I want to have to send out the collection agencies but it’s getting kind of serious here. So please do the right thing and pay your accounts.

The Village.

All though the VJ has its origins in Rosebank the reality is that these days we come from a wide and varied range of different villages, some big and some small. As VJ contributors and readers we are a part of a collective of individuals who want to communicate and seek to engage with each other and this is what the VJ is about – community participation, representation and engagement. This month we see a new contributor called Robina Todd and she has written a piece called the Spirit of a Horse. So for any horsey people out there if you need advice on training or handling please write into the VJ and we will pass it on or you can contact Robina directly. This edition also feature our regular contributor’s and articles by Stewart Hase, Moya Costello and Alan Brockman.

So rug up, stay warm, and enjoy this month’s Village Journal.

P.S – Pay the VJ. 

Editorial #306

Village Journal


It has almost been a year since I became the Editor here at the VJ and slowly but surely the Village Journal is finally taking shape again. At its heart the VJ is a record of our lives and our time in this area and I would like to welcome those who have just started writing for the VJ. It takes courage, commitment and determination to stand up and write for a local publication and for that we thank you. Also a huge thanks goes out to those regular contributors who have sent in articles and photos each month, especially the schools, the Friends of the Koalas and WIRES.



Editorial #305

Village Journal

Welcome to the April Edition of the Village Journal 2015 Is it just me or does it feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day? And then at other times the cycle of work, live, work seems to go on eternally. Like ground hog day. I mean, time seems to be moving so very fast these days and here we are in the fourth month… already. Soon people will start the Christmas countdown all over again! The ‘reality’ of time is one of those strange phenomenon that is experienced differently by us all depending on our individual circumstances. Time can be many things and must be both a blessing and a curse for the two Aussies Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who are currently on death row in Indonesia on heroin smuggling charges. The Bali Nine ‘organisers’ have had their latest appeal against the death penalty adjourned until March 25th. The pair were due to be executed weeks ago after their appeal for clemency were denied. Not to be depressing or morbid but I wonder what time feels like when you are awaiting the prospect of facing the firing squad. I probably should stop whingeing and just be grateful that I have time. On a lighter note, another group of people who may feel as though they are ‘facing the firing squad’ but who most certainly are not, are our current bunch of pollies and wanna be pollies. The NSW state election is upon us again and we should know the outcome by the time this VJ reaches your hands. Hopefully we will have had a record number of people turn out and will have witnessed a Green replace a National. More on this in the article ‘the politics of dancing’. And finally some really good news; The Village Journal is going Green! This edition and future editions of The Village Journal will be carbon neutral due to better business practices and being printed on 50% recycled paper. This is all part of our re-visioning of The VJ. To help us in our endeavour we need to hear back from you as a community about what you want to see featured in the VJ. Please see piece on the Evolving VJ. Keep supporting your local Village Journal - Freedom

Editorial #302

Christmas Greetings from the VJ

Hello readers,

First of all, just a quick word to those who are worried that my truth telling will somehow bring down the tone of the VJ.  My responsibility as an editor of a grassroots publication does not trump my role as a human being to speak my truths or what I see. That said, I have decided to keep my editorials separate from my political musings in future. 

To the rest of you welcome to another edition of the Village Journal - December 2014. 

A big thanks to Mez Fischer for filling in while I was off gallivanting the globe (I wish). It’s almost the end of the 2014 and Christmas is just around the corner. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I hate xmas. In fact you should call me the Grinch when it comes to Xmas. It’s not because of it being a religious holiday, no it’s much more than that.  It’s the time of year where we ‘show love’ by buying stuff. Stuff we really don’t need and at the same time we have children sleeping in cars and old people on the streets. When I was in London buying souvenirs for my children I saw a homeless man and I thought ‘My kids have enough stuff’. So I gave him the money that I was about to spend on trinkets for my kids. Stuff that they would be excited about for ten minutes before they forgot about it. I said to him ‘this is from Harlow and Phoenix in Australia’ and he smiled and said ‘God Bless them’. Absolutely priceless, a genuine ‘blessing’! Worth every cent.

For a lot of people Christmas is a hard time of year with loneliness and poverty affecting many.

So here’s my challenge to you. 

This year do something different. Don’t go crazy with shopping – it’s just junk and it WILL end up at the Lismore dump. Invite the families that might be doing tough around for lunch or the single people living on their own. Ring those friends and loved ones. Give to the charities. Really make a difference to someone’s life. Give little presents to ALL the kids you know. 

Please keep an eye on each other this Xmas


- Freedom

Editorial #301

Building Community - Tom Shannon

Hi all,

Well, our editor Freedom is overseas so I’m sitting in as guest editor for this edition… and here comes the hard part – writing an editorial!

So I’m sitting here contemplating a few themes: Community. Diversity. Opinion. How to meld them into one harmonious whole?

There’s no doubt that this region is chocka-block with all those things. And one thing that pulls us all together is our sense of Community.


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Advertising Person 

The Village Journal seeks someone to help obtaining new advertising for future editions.

Remuneration is on a commission basis. 

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Confidence and Vibrance to represent the VJ to potential advertisers
  • Ability to build and maintain customer      relations
  • The capacity to work autonomously as well as be a team player.
  • The organisation to work to a deadline
  • Must be computer literate or prepared to learn fast

If you think you may have these skills and more contact the editor