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Editorial #273

Greetings all. Welcome to Autumn, my favourite time of year.

I’d like to thank Mr Matt Hill for all of his past music contributions with “Audiophile”. Matt is retiring from the VJ scene. Matt, I know your work has really been enjoyed and appreciated by your readers, so, Bravo!

But wait folks, don’t be disappointed, there’s new items coming your way this month:

You’ll notice that we now have “sections” to the Village Journal, and a “What’s Inside?” on the front page. Please contact me if you would like to make a contribution to any of these topics, or advertise in a particular section.

We have our first ‘Elders in Our Community’ article, about my friend and neighbour Georgina Whaley. I’ve discovered that’s it’s impossible to tell a life story in 700 words, so Georgina has kindly recalled just a small part of her history, for now, and it’s fascinating. Do you have someone who you’d like to write about or perhaps have them write about themselves with your encouragement? Please send it in, we want to publish at least one a month.

To accompany the Elders spot, we’re going to have a regular old-style joke section, with illustrations by Alex Mankiewicz, thanks Alex. We also have yester-year handy home hints, where we may take a moment to reflect (and maybe laugh) on the domestics of a by-gone era.

There’ll be a gluten free recipe each month to add to Llyr’s Domestic Goddess contribution, to make a page of yummy eats, as well as a cocktail recipe for those who occasionally like to imbibe.

We have a new music Guru, I’m very happy to be able to report that Vince Lovegrove will be sharing his vast knowledge of music, as well as entertainment in our area. Thanks Vince.

We’re going to have a regular gardening section, including what to do in the garden each month (apart from weeding), thanks to Tas and Barry of Clunes Nursery.

And our schools are back with reports on how our little darlings are progressing.

For those who like a brain tease, there’ll be a regular crossword to solve.

I’ve also added a small piece called “Moss’s Happy Place”, where we learn what makes our readers happy; it’s about the simple things in life. There’s a new piece called “VJ’s Free Plug”, where you get to say something positive about a service, creative course, or café you’ve experienced, to help promote small businesses in our area for free! Feel free to have your say.

Lastly, I would like to remind readers that we have a classified ads section at the back of the journal, where you can run an add up to 25 words for $5.50 for the month! What value! I’m puttin’ one in! Here’s how to do it: Make a direct deposit into the Village Journal account up-front (BSB: 802-222 and A/c #: 22209300). In your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., quote the receipt # and then dictate or send the ad – easy!

To quote a dear but absent friend, “Is this too much?” I hope you enjoy this edition. Happy March.

Editorial #272

Greetings everyone, my name is Helen White. The Village Journal job description for the position of Editor mentioned that the successful applicant should be slightly mad, so I applied! The timing is excellent for me, as lately I have been looking for a new project, so I am very pleased to take on the role. I’m looking forward to gaining new skills and meeting lots of people. I have quizzed many equally mad friends about new ideas for areas of interests to add to the V.J. and I strongly encourage readers to contribute as well.

One topic I’d like to introduce is “Elders in our Community”. That doesn’t mean ancient, just old enough to be wise, funny, admired… It seems to me that we usually only get to honour a person at their funeral, with anecdotes and tears, but we don’t often get to tell their story while they are vibrant and living among us. Elders can be nominated by anyone from our readership, just write a story or a memoir with the Elder’s permission and send it in, we’ll publish one or more a month.

We’ll also have a travel article each month and to start the ball rolling, this one’s from me. There’ll be book and film reviews, a cartoon, puzzles, jokes and more. I would love to see some contributions from our young community members too, so I’ve asked Miranda Jordan to do a spot, which she called “Bumble Bees and Black Sapotes”.

Of course all this depends on support from our readers and loyal advertisers. When you use the services of our advertisers, please take the time to tell them you saw their ad in the V.J., that way they know their ad is working, and they’ll be happy to re-list.

I am grateful to Llyr and Kurt, and Julian and Vanessa for being so patient and helping me with various technical problems such as me having no working internet connection. Thanks guys. I’m sure next month will be smooth as silk when it stops raining and my new NBN dish finally gets installed.

I hope you all had a joyful and relaxing holiday, invigorating you for the coming year.

Happy reading!


Editorial #271

Hi again, Yes, it’s still me here behind the VJ. Though I hope that in our next publishing month (February) we’ll be introducing you to the new Editor. Thank you to all the people who have applied for VJ positions. We’ll let you all in on the results in the next VJ.

This VJ’s full of great articles and things to do over this holiday season. Why not learn more about permaculture at Djanbung Garden’s in January? There’s a NYE bushdance at Repentance Creek Hall with the Thrillbillies. The Wren’s Rest has reopened with Rob Hassall as the new chef (I ate there last weekend and it was delicious)! Eltham Hotel have some great gigs planned. Join in for the last Landcare day of the year at the Reserve. Maybe go to a jam day at either Dunoon, Rosebank or Eltham, you can join in or just listen.

With sadder news, The VJ’s founder, Ian Horsfeld, who started The VJ in February 1987 with an Arab Platen and some hand-set type, has passed away on the 28th November 2011.

His son (Michael) has contributed the front cover photo and Ken Murphy has written a lovely tribute to him on page 4. Ian had a dream to create a community newspaper and his dream is our reality today. Thank you Ian for being so inspiring, you will be sadly missed.

Help The VJ keep entertaining and informative by submitting articles and giving us advice on how we can achieve greater and better things.

I’d ALSO like to remind you that there is now a VJ mailing list. All you have to do is go to our website and ‘subscribe to VJ news’. You’ll find this in white font at the top right of every page. This enables us to keep you in touch of goings on in the community which are out of VJ deadline times.

Cherio, Happy Holiday Tidings, Stay Safe, See you in the New Year

Vanessa (Acting Editor)

Editorial #270

I’d like to start off with a special welcome to The New Hinterlanders Haven. The old Greenfrog Café / Rosebank Shop has reopened with the new owners Inge and Greg at the helm. I’ve just come back from an enjoyable Sunday afternoon sitting on the verandah listing to some jazzy sounds while sipping from a cool glass. They have great big plans for the shop – already having completely outfitted the place. The Haven has a really nice energy so go and while away some time at this wonderful Rosebank location.

This month we’ve seen some dramatic storms whip through our area. I hope that everyone survived intact. There is definately change in the air and in regards to the VJ, that means a change of Editorship.

Thank you Llyr, you’ve done a terrific job and we’ll miss you very much. I’ve just counted and you’ve lead the way for 22 VJ issues. A big job which you fit into your busy life with ease. The VJ doesn’t have magical elves, but somehow, at nights and on the weekends, Llyr always managed to get it done and dusted. She has a fantastic community spirit, and I know that she took great pleasure in receiving all your submissions and creating each VJ issue.

It’s exciting to me to be Acting Editor for this issue 270. It’s something to think of though, The Village Journal has been going for over 24 years. It goes to show how solid and concrete the VJ name is in the community.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that apart from this column, The VJ is what YOU make it. We try to fit in every article that we get, giving preference to local news. If its newsworthy, if it’s from you, if we have room, we’ll print it!

I hope that after the last VJ you’ve all run off and done your homework of spreading the good word about the VJ. It’s a fantastic community communications tool and it’s not too hard to keep going. As a notforprofit, all we need is to break even, which we usually do…

The truth is that we’ve got quite a few unpaid invoices from old advertisers out there. These economic times make it hard for our local small businesses to keep going. It breaks my heart each time I hear an advertiser have to pull out of advertising because they have gotten a ‘normal job’ and given up on trying to make their business work.

About the Editors position. I don’t know if you know, I layout the Village Journal every month, I sort the VJ accounts and also put the VJ up on the web. Julian designs the ads, Sarah is our advertising/distributing agent for Lismore / Bangalow and Naya is our distributing agent for Mullumbimby. A great team. We’re very sad about Llyr’s resignation and wouldn’t have accepted it except that we weren’t given any other choice. So now, we’re looking for a new Editor. Someone computer savvy, someone who can spell, someone who doesn’t take life too seriously! If you think you’re that person, please see the positions vacant notice in this edition and send your expression of interest to the VJ team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last – but definitely not least, Please sign up to our new email list. Visit and register for the new VJ mailing list (top right corner). Sometimes we get in last minute events / fundraisers / thingadybobits that would be of interest to locals if only you could be told.

Also, as we have your attention, we’ve also added some optional survey questions. Of course, you can unsubscribe to this email list at any time.

So, enjoy November. It’s a lovely Spring month full of gardening time and dinners on the deck.

Stay tuned.

Vanessa Smith

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