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Editorial #269

Farewell and Adieu from The VJ Editor

Hi Hinterlanders,

This is a very sad edition for me as I am bidding farewell to the editorship of the VJ. My family circumstances have changed and I have a number of pressing responsibilities, which means I can no longer devote the required time to the VJ each month. I have had a great time editing the VJ and have met some wonderful folk, who work tirelessly in our communities to enrich and grow them. I have been particularly impressed with the efforts of our local schools who are doing the Oh so important job of giving our children a great start in life. The children and teachers are motivated, enthusiastic and full of fun, I love reading about their activities each month.

I have also worked with some wonderfully creative people like Jean, Red Dog Harris, Dr Matt, Helene Collard and Ian Murray and many other regular contributors who enrich all of our lives by their articles; and some tireless community workers like the WIRES team, the Friends of the Koala, The Eltham Community Foundation, the Local Hall Committees, and the rain monitors just to name a few. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the Hinterland community.

A very big thank you to the production team who have worked with me to get the paper out each month, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. Vanessa and Julian have been a great team to work with. Thankyou to the RCI, who have given me the opportunity to be editor of a vibrant and diverse community newspaper.

Finally, thank you to the readers of, and the advertisers in the VJ – you are the reason we go to production each month.

The Hinterland Domestic Goddess (my alter ego) will be in this edition and she will then take a short break to return with new kitchen creations in the New Year.

Editorial #268

Hello Hinterlanders,

Happy September and a return to spring and sunshine. Hope your garden is happy to have you back after winter and you get a good dose of vitamin D in this spring season.

For Hinterlanders living or travelling on Repentance Creek Road, the guys transporting the pilons and BIG girders for the new Repentance Creek Bridge have asked us to let you know that during the next month or so there may be delays to traffic especially in the morning at around 7.30ish to allow the truck to get down the hill to the bridge site. The message is please be patient and don’t rush. It would be very scary to encounter the big truck on those bendy Repentance Creek corners.

As to other matters, well life goes on with a lot of discussion in letters to the editor about local developments, and a great discussion by Dr Matt about music royalties. The Domestic Goddess is a grandmother and she celebrates by giving us her favourite kids starter food recipes for young’uns starting on solid food, although young Aenea Grace will not be partaking for awhile!

There is also some great information about wildlife matters. So, happy reading for September.

Regards, Llyr

Editorial #267

Hi Hinterlanders,

Only a small editorial this month, I’m letting the VJ readership do the talking- check out our very active Letters to the Editor! Just a few highlights- For those of you dreaming of writing that award winning song, Dr Matt has some tips for you in Audiophiles; there are a couple of great pictures to highlight Opera at the Channon which has been a resounding community success this year; and after many requests from VJ readers, Mal Fox has submitted an overview of the cessation of the Rosebank Co-op and it’s current status. Mal is the last active Director of the Co-op. We have included a short outline of guidelines for writing a letter to the Editor after a query from one of our readers about pseudonyms and limits on numbers of letters.

I hope winter is being kind to you and yours and that you enjoy this edition of the Village Journal.

Llyr Otto


Editorial #266

Hello Hinterlanders,

The time for the Journal has come around very quickly again; a little like the short hours of daylight that June brings us, time seems premium in the short light of winter months. It has been cold throughout the Hinterland and in the last month we have seen many more coats and winter woollies than in the last few mild winters.

This issue of the Village Journal has been flooded with letters. In the main these are from people discussing the proposal for two significant developments (for and against) on Fox road in Rosebank, one being a MO for 13 houses/homes, and the other being what appears to be shaping up as a very large meditation retreat that could likely bring a large number of people to the area to live, work and to meditate at the retreat. This appears to be by no means a small development, as was demonstrated to some locals who attended a recent information day. Concerns are being raised over the capacity of this small and infrastructure-lean area to cope with such big projects, in the terms of water supply, waste management, electricity supply, roads, and on the impacts the development could potentially have on wildlife and other residents.

There is also a great ticket giveaway opportunity to see a NORPA production of Big Shots. Also have a look at the great pictures from the lantern parade through this month’s VJ.

Have a safe and happy July,



Editorial #265

Hello hinterlanders,

It’s a busy time in our region, with lots of winter activities occurring, so take advantage of great outings like our local markets, foodie stops, and events like the Lismore Lantern Parade, to keep those winter blues away.

It’s also a good time to catch up on information on issues that have an impact on our lives. Inform yourself about the environmental implications of coal seam gas mining, climate change, use of pesticides in your local area, the cost of importing and transporting foodstuffs, local land developments, and the cost of electricity and about the availability of alternative energy supply just to name a few. The catch cry is ‘be informed’ and the all important chaser is ‘do something about what you feel strongly about’. Have a great June,


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