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Spring is finally here and so is the October Village Journal featuring the new and improved masthead! Hallelujah! Proving some things in life are worth waiting for, local artist Carolyn Russell has delivered the goods and then some. Finally the artwork is complete and the verdict is in –the VJ team all agree that the new masthead looks awesome. And even more than that, as it was designed specifically for the VJ by a local resident, artist and environmentalist with input from the VJ team it really captures the essence of the VJ. This project took a lot longer than originally anticipated with a number of design briefings with Carolyn taking place.  Everyone had different ideas about the ultimate VJ ‘look’ and coming from three different generations, getting us to all agree on one thing is no mean feat in itself.

From environmental activism to art, to the stars and fine wine – this month’s Village Journal has got life in the Rainbow Region covered and features an article on the art of Carolyn Russell in which Carolyn explains the cultural significance of the features and iconic imagery from our little piece of paradise being represented in the VJ masthead. 

Speaking of paradise – the battle continues to protect our beautiful, fragile ecosystems and its inhabitants from those who only see $$$ when they look at Northern NSW. That’s right, the State Government, the big mining companies and developer’s vs nature. We need to stand vigilant and be pro-active, because if we don’t stand up to those with ‘financial interests’ and protect this area and all those living within it – who will? 

I believe we have a moral obligation to protect those littler and weaker than ourselves. See the article New Deal for Nature and please get on the computer and add your name and sign the New Deal for Nature. The bottom line is – we chose to live in this area, amongst nature, in part because we realise - we ARE nature.


Freedom Vivian

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