Editorial #308

Hello there lovely people of the Byron Hinterland. 

As you should all be aware by now there are changes happening to The Village Journal. 

The main change will be the way we distribute the VJ. So from next month’s edition the VJ will no longer be hand delivered to letter boxes. 

Instead all copies will be available free in your local cafes, stores and some post offices and it will be a first in, first served basis. We will do our very best to minimise any disruption to readers. However to get this process ‘just right’ may take us a little while. It’s all about ratios you see. Getting the ratios right. Because at this stage we really don’t know just how many copies are needed in Mullum or Byron or Bangalow etc., so its trial and error. 

Why the change? 


The philosophical reason behind this move is equality for all people in the region. My thinking is ‘why should some lucky people get the VJ delivered to their door each month, religiously whether they want them or not and other people have to beg, borrow or steal just to get their hands on a copy?’ 

The practical reason behind the changes is more copies on the street means we can branch out more to the people and businesses of Byron Bay and Nimbin and that will be better for business. It’s a very different world than it was when the VJ first started out and we are adapting our business model to suit the changing needs of our community. Thankfully, long gone are the old days of photocopying and cutting and pasting articles together by hand (well and truly before my time). These days you can find us on Facebook and we have a website where you can access an electronic copy of the latest VJ or look up our archives. For us to keep going for another 28 years we need to continue to adapt. Currently just as many people are reading the VJ on their devices but we will continue to produce a print copy for those readers who love the feel of the paper in their hand. 

So if you want your local store to stock the VJ please let them and of course let us know as soon as possible. 

The environmental reason. At its heart the VJ has always been about community, the environment and sustainability. We care about this stuff, it’s not just words and we are always looking at ways to reduce our individual and collective ‘carbon footprint’ and the impact we are having on the environment. This year we converted to printing on recycled paper and are committed to producing a small print run each month and promoting the electronic version wherever possible. This new model of distribution means there will be less VJs ending up as landfill. By changing the way people receive the VJ we reduce the chance of it becoming landfill. Don’t get me wrong we know people most people love and cherish their VJs but what we are talking about here are those people who don’t even read the VJ or anything for that matter probably. You know the type –the VJ comes into their letter box each month and they don’t read it cause their too busy watching TV and are too apathetic to do anything like recycling so each month they just toss it out with the ‘junk mail’.         Oh it’s too terrible to bear the thought of all our hard work and energy being wasted. So this new way means people will have to get engaged and make a choice to pick it up. It’s an ‘opt in’ not an ‘opt out’ model of distribution.

Ideally in my new utopian future anyone who wants a VJ will be able to get one, no hippy will go VJ-less and no VJ will ever end up as landfill. Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

To that end, please enjoy this July edition of The Village Journal proudly brought to you by the people and communities of the Rainbow Region of NSW.


Freedom Vivian

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Freedom Vivian

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