Editorial #309

Change is a coming!

Every time I watch the news or glimpse a headline lately it occurs to me what a strange time we are living through. We are at the dawning of a new age and living through the time of the great divide. All around the world there seems to be definite signs of a changing of the guards occurring as old and dominant power structures and systems begin to collapse.


Some truly amazing and revolutionary things are occurring as people are letting go of outdated models that no longer serve them and are embracing  new ideals and technologies, reconnecting with themselves, each other and within their communities. 

The oligarchy or ‘powers that be’ don’t like these shifts taking place as it represents a loss of control and power therefore they are reacting the only way they know; by extending their reach through governmental policy changes, subtle changes in terminology (word play) and through the manipulation of the media. All of which is done to ramp up the level of fear to control and manipulate the populace into being complacent and docile. 

Historically the media have been ‘the gate keepers’ of the information but with the advances in technology, from smart phones to the Internet even that paradigm has shifted. Never before have people had access to information from around the world in real time and from the grass roots level.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses; even as more people are starting to wake up to the system there is confusion amongst some and predictably this vulnerability is being played upon. We have the Abbott Liberal Government running around stirring up hatred and fear telling anyone who will listen that we are facing ‘an existential threat’ from the ‘death cult’ that is ISIL or ISIS or DASH (all 3 one and the same) and that they ‘are out to get every one of us’. 

Meanwhile the actual threat to the Australian people and our way of life is climate change and the degradation of our environment. This threat undermines some very rich people’s cash flow so it is being ignored, sacrificed to the almighty dollar. 

Let’s keep it all in perspective, stay focused and not buy into the fear. We have the tools and the technology to save our race but we must change our ways. It’s that simple.

I can feel the change in the air – ‘be the change’ has become my mantra.  


Freedom Vivian

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Freedom Vivian

Freedom Vivian

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