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Letter #309 - Matt Corbett

Dear Freedom,

At best, your article on fluoride in the July VJ is clumsy, in its justification for assault of a democratically elected public official.  At worst, it is culpable.

I don't agree with fluoridation of our water, but my viewpoint is fairly moderate.  Especially I think, when measured against yours.  I think fluoride is clearly good for your choppers, but that people’s oral health should be their own responsibility.  I can see a case for Council to send out fluoride tablet vouchers with the rates notice and let the punters decide to chew on a fluoride tablet if they don't want to spend heaps of money on fillings, or throw the voucher in the bin and live with shoddy teeth, if they don't wish to take part in an elaborate nazi conspiracy trying to rat poison the northern rivers and take over the crystal castle.  Sure, choice is good.  I get that.

Letter #308 - C.G. Joe

Dear Editor,

You, your team and valued readers may be interested in our informative website:

Kind Regards,

C-G Joe

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Letter #308 - Liss

Hi Freedom,

Found on Repentance Creek Rd one new looking surf bootie (black-Cressi).... call 66882232

And thanks for the wonderful job you are doing at the VJ.  I look forward to your editorials, you’re like a breath of beautiful fresh air.




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