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Response to Frank #307

Village Journal


Greetings Frank,

Yes it’s true we really are in the 21st Century, (maybe we should tell Tony that and he can stop dishing out Knighthoods) and yes the PM is being called Captain Catholic. Political nicknames and jousting are a part of free speech in a secular, demo- cratic civil society.

Funnily enough I did not make up the moniker, it is already a matter of public record just like ‘Captain Austraya’ 


and my favourite nickname of all times; the ‘suppository of all wisdom’ which is a direct quote from the ‘Captain’ himself.

But seriously, a lot of people don’t know that after University Abbott did a stint in the Monastery before entering poli- tics. The moniker ‘Captain Catholic’ or the ‘Mad Monk’ is a reference to Tony Abbott’s inability to separate his religious beliefs from his job. A classic example of this is his recent cutting back of public school funding for secular counsellors and replacing them with the installation of ‘chaplains’ in every school. Or how he has cut funding to Universities but instead funds priesthood training.

If the PM could uphold his ‘duty’ to sepa- rate Church from State and refrain from putting his religion into policies that affect my life then I would refrain from calling him out on it. Until then – no chance and that, Frank from Mermaid Beach, is what democracy looks like.

Freedom Vivian. 

Letter - Frank (Mermaid Beach)

Village Journal


I refer to the article on page 7 of the May edition of village journal. Are you really living in the 2nd decade of the 21st century? I thought the religious wars of the early 20th century were over, yet here we are in the tiny settlement of Bangalow and we find the contributor referring to our Prime Minister as captain catholic. If you are not the author of this article then as editor you have a duty to edit this odious material out of your news- letter before it gets into print.

Frank Hocart

Mermaid Beach 

Letter - Cake Decorator's Association

Village Journal


Dear Freedom

Please find enclosed a small donation to The Village Journal in thanks for the story regarding the local cake decorators association.

We were thrilled with the write up and photos. Thank you once again.
Kind Regards,

Narelle Smith (President of the Cake Decorators Association) 

Response to John #306


Thanks John for the typo heads up.

Unfortunately there are a couple of ‘Village Journals’ on the web in Haille Plantation and Gainsville Florida – both are a bit weird and I could image it would be a tad confusing if you ended up @ thevillagejournal and not at

So, remember that people; it’s the one with no ‘the’ and with the letters .au for Australia at the end of it.

Now that we have that sorted the other issue of rain fall details may or may not be so easy. See, the issue was that I as Editor was spending too much time calling or contacting people for their contributions and so after a while I decided to follow the path of least resistance and so now the VJ is slowly morphing into a community publication. So if I get the rainfall sent to me or text or rung in I can do the section.

So for the rain catchers please contact Freedom with your numbers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Letter #306 - John


Hey VJ,

Firstly, I tried to send this email to the link on the new website, which is incorrect, (@ thevillagejournal instead of the correct @ village journal)

Secondly, my neighbour, Jean McCall, records the rainfall for Goonengerry and used to have her figures included in 'Monthly Rainfall' for a few local areas on the back page of the VJ.

For the past 18 years or so I have been using her data, entering the monthly figures into a spreadsheet which allows me to represent yearly data graphically, which obviously turns the raw, somewhat un-intriguing data into a form which really illustrates the trends for different years.

In the recent VJ upheaval and, thankfully, its re-emergence, the Rainfall is no longer published. Would it be possible to include it again? I know a lot of people who find it not only interesting, but an easy way of accessing some reasonably essential general knowledge.




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